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Welcome to Payforit Sucks.  – We seek to raise awareness of ‘third party charge to bill’ or ‘Payforit’ frauds. If you have found your way here you may be the victim of one of these scams, or you may just be curious about how these scams work. Either way, the information on this site should help.

EE Subscribers – If you didn’t sign up via Payforit you may have been caught up in an ‘own portal’ scam. See here

What are Payforit Scams

These scams occur when rogue companies plunder consumers ‘phone accounts via a scam based on the Payforit mechanism. The Phone-paid Services Authority is the regulator with responsibility for such services. The industry pays for this regulator which is probably the reason why it’s regulatory efforts seem to be so poor.

Who is responsible?

All the major mobile networks in the UK implement this system (and take a share of the profits from it). The Payforit Management Group (PFI MG) consists of the UK Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) who control the Payforit scheme rules and representatives of Accredited Payment Intermediaries (Level 1 providers) and merchants (Level 2 providers) who actively influence the development of the scheme rules.  Thus O2, Vodafone, Three and EE jointly run the service, and are directly responsible for it.

Stop Payforit Scams
Stop Payforit helping thieves

So what’s the problem with ‘Payforit’?

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