Step 2 – Getting a refund for charges already made.

Once you have successfully stopped the texts, it is time to set about getting a refund. Don’t expect your network to be helpful, but you can ask. If you get help please report it by leaving a comment below. There are reports of some networks arranging three way calls with these companies to assist customers. If they do this for you they are doing much more than they are required to do and deserve a pat on the back.

Getting your money refunded can be very simple or almost impossible. If the amount of money is small, you will probably get a refund from the ‘service provider’ without any problem. If the amount is larger, they will probably offer a partial refund. Don’t accept a partial refund!

Start as you mean to go on. You need to collect evidence, so record all calls, keep all texts and ask for confirmation in writing where appropriate.

The chances are that your network will not be in the slightest bit interested. The logical argument that they allowed the charge to be made and therefore should accept some responsibility won’t work.

So it is left to you to seek a refund.

Call the ‘service provider’ on the helpline number provided in the text. Make sure you record the call. Be absolutely clear that you never consented to their charges and ask for proof of that consent. Tell them that you want a full refund of all the charges made to your account. Different companies will respond in different ways to this request. Many of the slightly more reputable companies will admit that they hold no evidence, or at least that they had ‘technical difficulties’ and will proceed to make a refund by one of the mechanisms listed below. The reality is that, because it often takes weeks for consumers to notice these charges on their bills, by paying refunds they avoid complaints. This results in fewer complaints about their ‘service’ and consequently they are able to operate for longer before being closed down.

Other will insist that you consented to their charges and will steadfastly refuse to make any refund. Some will tell you to apply for a refund by email – to an address which never receives a reply. When emailing, request a delivery receipt and a read receipt. If you get these back, keep them as evidence.

If a full or partial refund is agreed it will not be credited back to your ‘phone account. This is an example of just how broken the Payforit system is. Money is taken from your ‘phone account. If a refund is agreed you would expect it to be credited back to the same account. But this is ‘not technically possible!’.

The refund is likely to use one of two mechanisms:

  1. A Paypal payment to your email address
  2. A text message sent to your ‘phone which has to be presented to a Post Office for payment.

You are entitled to insist on a refund to your phone account. This right is enshrined in the Consumer Rights Act Section 45(3). If you want to be difficult you can insist on this. Additionally, section 45(4) of the Consumer Rights Act allows 14 days for the refund to be made once it has been agreed. Keep evidence of the agreement to refund and the date it was agreed and the method which was agreed. I wouldn’t advise giving any additional personal information to these companies, so the refund options are somewhat limited.

If all attempts to get a refund from the scamming company fail, you can then go back to your network. Present them with the evidence that you have attempted to negotiate with the service provider, but that say that you remain dissatisfied. Remind them of Mobile Operators’ Code of Practice for the management and operation of Payforit. Ask them to provide the support that this Code requires. If the scammer has failed to engage with you, failed to provide evidence of your consent to the charge, or if the contact information supplied doesn’t work, you may have  case against your network. You will have done everything they asked you to do and it hasn’t worked! In these circumstances OfCom expect them to provide help and to make their own investigation. There is some evidence that the networks will make an ‘ex gratia’ payment to avoid bad publicity and avoid accusations of negligence.

If the network refuses to help you you will need to consider other courses of action. It is important to follow the process correctly in order to maximise your chances of success should the matter go to the Ombudsman, ADR or to the Small Claims Court.

Regardless of whether you are successful in getting a refund, there is still more for you to do!

Step 3 – Making a complaint to the Phone-paid Services Authority.

19 Replies to “Refunds”

  1. I discovered that I have been charged by one of these scam companies (Jam Jar Mobile) and funds were added to my 3 Mobile account and deducted from my account. I only discovered all this this morning. I have done the STOP message to the company and I left a message on their answering machine. I also immediately contacted 3 Mobile who were actually very helpful and agreed to credit me my money and cancel all future deductions. They took my complaint seriously and passed me through to another department who went through everything and then agreed to escalate my complaint to the Ombudsman. My issue with 3 Mobile is that they are allowing Payforit to operate through their billing system and they said they could NOT stop this. However, I await to hear from the Ombudsman and see what they have to say about it. I have also contacted my MP who is very interested in looking into this for me.
    Lastly, I have just received a text from this scam company saying “We tried to call you back (I did get a missed call). the service has been STOPPED and a Goodwill refund to be issued. ” It goes on to say a refund will be received by SMS within 5 days and I should take it to the Post office who will give me a cash refund. Is this for real?

    1. Hi Angela
      It sounds as though Three were quite helpful to you. Your complaint needs to go to the Phone-paid Services Authority, not the ombudsman. I don’t think Three can do that for you, you need to do it yourself. Please do this as it may help others.
      It is not unusual for refunds to come via SMS postal order! You would expect that the money would be credited back to your account, but that doesn’t appear to be an option! Just another example of how archaic and insecure Payforit is.

  2. Same thing happened to me – Jam Jar Play charged me £4.50 for 3 weeks – a total of £10.50, without me knowingly having subscribed.

    Spoke to 3 and they were brilliant – conference-called the company with me still on the line to demand a refund. The company said they’d get back to me in 2 working days, but 3 have given me a good-will credit for the amount anyway, which will be reflected in my next bill.

    Have to say – great customer service.

    1. Great that you’ve managed to get a refund. However I’m sure you could have done without the hassle caused by these bogus subscriptions. Unless ‘Jam Jar’ have explained, to your satisfaction, how you cam to be signed up, please make a complaint to the regulator. Many of these companies give quick refunds in order to try to stop complaints which will ultimately close them down.
      Well done Three – maybe you could look at a few other cases where the amounts involved are larger and you have been less than helpful!

  3. Bodyin8 had stolen 85 pounds worth of charges from me since January (3 quid a week). I’m on a sim only deal with three at 14 pounds a month so rarely check my phone bills!!
    rang the freephone number on the charge and played merry hell. Recorded the phone call. Accused them of fraud and requested a full refund. They have fobbed me off with an email which will apparently show the results of the investigation into the subscription in 2-3 working days.

    Following this I contacted three who started down the path of trying to absolve responsibility. I put him straight highlighting that his network had been complicit in the theft and that as three are already aware of this issue that they are therefore allowing it to continue on a large scale. At this point he changed his tune stating that some form of partial or full refund is available if I cannot get my money back from Bodyin8.

    Will update in 3 days.

  4. 11 July 2018. Discovered I was being charged £3/week since March, when I got a text off Nuyoo saying they would renew the subscription if I didn’t text STOP. Total charges £57 (I never check my bill as I’m on an AYCE contract). Phoned TapToBill, who confirmed the stop. They gave me SB7’s (Nuyoo’s) number who refused to refund anything as I was ‘beyond the gratis period’. Phoned Three who gave me £50 ex gratia (I tried for more but they would go ‘a penny over £50’. They also said they would not/could not bar PayForIt or general third party charges…..and also stated that EE, O2 and Vodafone will not bar such charges (which would appear to be a lie, reading this website). I’ve referred the case to PSA, using the link on this website. Let’s see what happens. It’s a total disgrace that this is allowed to continue……many thanks fir setting up the website to promote the scam/fraud (in which PayForIt and Three are, in my opinion, complicit through their inaction and as they make money from the scam)

    1. Hi James

      To be fair to Three, £50 is a more generous offer than usual. Unfortunately most of your money actually went to SB7, and it is from them that the law requires you to seek a refund. You can still seek a full refund from SB7, and the £50 from Nuyoo is more than sufficient to pay the £25 fee to start a small claims case.
      Please don’t let SB7 keep your money. What they have told you is rubbish. The law is on your side. For there to be a valid contract you have to have KNOWINGLY consented to the charges. You didn’t, so there is no valid contract and a full refund is due. Send them a letter before action as detailed in this post. Give them 3 weeks to respond. If you don’t get a refund, start action through Moneyclaim Online. Contact me again if you need to do this and I’ll help you put together a bundle to support your case. So far, SB7 have avoided going to court by paying out in full before it gets to this stage. They know they would lose.

      Don’t forget to leave a review of SB7 Mobile Ltd on Trustpilot. Avoid using bad language and stick to the facts of your case. These reviews are clearly hurting them and they are trying to get the reviews removed.

      Hope you manage to sorth this out and obtain a full refund.


  5. I have just had one of these but Tesco have refunded the charge since we both thought it was a premium rate number that had been dialled and it was too early to check on their system of calls made. Mine originated from loadedmobi so I will also be chasing them for a refund.

  6. I received one of these scam texts from ThumbTiger and ignored it. A couple of months later I checked my bill and found I had been charged £31.50 through Payforit. It was only thanks to this website that I was able correlate Payforit with ThumbTiger.

    Following the above advice, I first tried calling the help number in the ThumbTiger text to demand a refund. I was unable to get through as no one answered the phone.

    Next I rang Three customer support (since my contract is with them) and explained the situation. They were unable to provide a refund, but instead offered to take the cost off of my future bills. I accepted that offer, so essentially am paying nothing for my phone bill for the next 3 months, which is acceptable.

    I asked to have Payforit blocked, but they were unable to accommodate that request, since they said it is required by other services. Their advice was to always send a STOP message to these texts in the future. I explained that sometimes I travel abroad and my phone does not have roaming, so I would be unable to receive these messages to know that I should respond to unsubscribe. They apologized but were unable to provide a solution.

    I have submitted a complaint to the PSA about ThumbTiger and about Payforit allowing opt-out subscriptions. It is appalling that customers can be charged for not unsubscribing from a service that they never subscribed to in the first place!

    I am happy that Three were able to help and that I have effectively been able to get my money back, but I am not happy that I am unable to prevent this happening again in the future.

    Thank you for putting together this website. Without it I would not have got to the bottom of these unwanted Payforit charges so quickly.

  7. 3 years I’ve been paying £2 a week, every Wednesday, and had no idea. mobiTrans t/a vipgames apparently. EE gave me contact details but number is “dead” – at a lose end with it, totalling over £300 I’ve paid. What can I do? Lesson learnt to check my bills in future

    1. This is a very old scam.
      This was an EE ‘own portal’ service, not regulated by PSA at the time you subscribed.
      Have charges been taken recently? You’ve lost a lot of money. Taken stealthily of course. Certainly worth spending £25 to pursue through the small claims court if necessary.
      Tell EE that you have been unable to contact the company. Ask why they have taken money for a ‘service’ they have no means of contacting. Ask for full contact details including a mailing address. Send letter before action to mailing address and also to EE asking for proof that you subscribed to this service and also any evidence they have that you USED the service.
      Worth taking a look at
      Because EE were directly responsible for the service at the time you subscribed (you could ask Phone-paid Services Authority to confirm this), yours is one of the rare cases where legal action against the network could succeed.

      1. Hi Paul

        Every Wednesday continuously for last three years until yesterday when I noticed, called EE and blocked it.

        EE said they have nothing to do with it and should just contact the supplier directly.

        Guess I will give them a chance on the email address (phone number given to me is dead) to respond before taking further action.

        Thanks for your support

      2. Hi all, just thought I should update you.. I had a full refund within 5 working days from the company. I emailed them twice daily every day until the money came in. My original email stated the exact total a request for full refund and a demand to be contact within 48 hours otherwise I will be contacting the Financial Ombudsman. They complied with all of my demands. I think I was very fortunate.

  8. Hello
    I have just checked my bill with Vodaphone and been charged £4.50 a week since August a total of £108.
    The Company that scammed me is J1Media, and The Director is a Mr David Flood as stated at Companies House
    Please beware of this Company.
    Still awaiting a reply from them.
    Contacted PSA and they were absolutely useless as were Vodaphone.
    It is infuriating that I am a sitting duck while these thieves are taking hard earned money from my account

  9. hi (another victim)
    I have been scammed by thumbtiger they charged so far £18.00
    Just picked it via my Sep bill £13.50
    Payforit – GBP4.50, Playbay, Helpline 03333137764

    Called my network 3 very unhelpful and asked to contact directly to the above number

    Rang the company but it was handled by a call centre in Australia
    they refused to offer any refund at all and after having iron hot debate. they send me a link;

    Thanks for your call about your phone bill. Click this link ( to lodge your claim. Need help? 0800 029 4506

    the link only works in my mobile

    Has anyone used this way of claiming refund

    Any advice please

    Much appreciated


  10. just found out I have been charged around £15 a month for 18 months, £382.50!!!! o2 were reasonably helpful, they gave me the number of Abacus Synergy, who’ve I’ve emailed and will now phone

    this is so wrong!!

  11. They have taken £80 from my vadafone account, vadafone done nothing. They charged me to learn french £9 every week, i cant believe how they allowing people to scam you and they not doing anything about it!!!

  12. Thank you very much for this great information.

    I got scammed by BodyIn8 and spent the last couple of weeks going through the process that you recomend.
    1. I got Vodafone to put the block on payforit transactions
    2. I sent the “STOP” text to Bodyin8
    3. Complained to bodyin8
    4. Complained to the PSA

    The Bodyin8 scammers tried to give me the runaround so i sent all of the emails between us to the PSA (there is an email address for doing this) as they had said they would take a look at Bodyin8.

    I was getting nowhere fast with Bodyin8 for example:
    “Cristina (MPS Helpline)
    Oct 11, 10:42 BST

    Dear Peter Somerled,

    Thank you for your email.

    After rereading the investigation report I can see the consent to charge process was handled under the Payforit scheme through an independent third party accredited by your mobile network operator. They have confirmed to me that they have a 100% proof that your mobile number accessed the website and whoever was using your device at the time pressed both buttons consenting to the charges and starting the subscription.
    Did anyone else have access to your mobile?

    Kind Regards,
    MPS Helpline”

    Total lies!!!!

    My next move was to send this to Vodafone via the online complaints system. I sent something similar to the scammers too and the PSA:
    “Recently a Payforit scammer has stolen money from me usung your mobile phone platform. They insist that i soigned up for their services, which I certainly did not do.

    i have contacted the PSA and made a complaint which they are now investigating. The case reference is : CAS-158965-J6M6B7 CRM:01465737

    The company in question is:


    I have asked them to provide evidence that I asked for their service to be provided and they cannot, they simply quote some vague T’s & C’s.

    What I am angry and very concerend about is the fact that the Vodafone mobile phone platform allowed this to occur in the first place and that Vodafone took no steps to protect me from such scams. The Vodafone platform has the ability to stop these scams, however as you do not activate the ‘charge to bill bar’ by default, and nor did you make it clear to me as a customer that I would be vulnerable to such scams you must accept that you are cuplable in this instance for these charges to my account.

    I ask that you refund these to me directly.

    Moreover, be aware that I intend to raise an action at Edinburgh Sheriff Court against Well Fitness Limited and Vodafone in order for me to secure a refund of the money which has been illegally obtained from me via the Vodafone platform.

    Finally, as my contract with you has still quite some time to run and I worry that similar scams may occur unbeknown to me and which could potentially cause me financial loss outwith my control. Therefore I seek your assurance that no such scams from payforit or similar will be perpetrated upon me via your network and platform. These circumstances lead me to be disinclined to continue with my contract with Vodafone as it appears that you have no interest in curbing these rapacious payforit scams. Your advice in respect would also be welcome.
    Kind regards”

    Two day later Vodafone called me and after a bit of a chat they told me that they would take my comments onboard particulalry having the ability for payforit enabled by default.
    Big deal eh!
    Then the guy told me that Vodafone would refund me in full and take the cash of my next bill..- RESULT

    Thanks again for the great website and keep up the good fight.

    BTW, I’m still gonna pursue Bodyin8 and the PSA as well as contact my MP and MSP on this criminal activity.

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