There are a number of “services” using this shortcode. Most complaints relate to a company called F.T.O. Fitness Tools Online Ltd, based in Cyprus and a “service” called getfitcoach .

If your text is not from this company, and you are unable to identify the culprit, you will need to contact the Level 1 provider – Oxygen8. Details below.

Details of this service as provided by the Phone-paid Services Authority:

Customer care number


Customer care email


Customer care website


Postal address

F.T.O. Fitness Tools Online Ltd
Optimum House
Antrea Patsalidi 1

If you don’t get a full explanation of how you came to be “subscribed” and a FULL refund, you should pursue the UK based “Level 1 provider”, Oxygen8 Ltd.

You should also call Oxygen8 if you are unable to identify the company that has charged you.

Oxygen8 Communications Limited,
12th Floor, Lyndon House,
58 – 62 Hagley Road,
B16 8PE,

Email: customercare.uk@oxygen8.com

Tel: 0808 206 0808

Full advice on dealing with these scams, including how to use the Small Claims process to obtain a refund, is on the website at https://payforitsucks.co.uk

Also, make sure that you file a complaint with the regulator. Charging without consent is against the rules, regardless of whether or not you obtain a refund.