I’m receiving unexpected ‘Payforit’ charges – what should I do?

Step 1 – STOP further payforit charges from the same source.

example of the text we want to stop

If you are receiving text messages like those above, you need to stop them to avoid further charges.  Don’t ignore them. Don’t waste time at this stage arguing with your network. Your network will almost certainly tell you to go and negotiate with the third party company who have taken your money. They won’t take responsibility and are unlikely to help you. You need to take action to prevent further unauthorised charges to your account. The best way to do this is by phoning the number given in the received text. If you phone, you can ask for a full refund of the charges at the same time. Tell them you never knowingly subscribed to their service and that you require a full refund.

If you phone, record the conversation so that there can be no subsequent dispute about what was said.

If you prefer, or if you are within a ‘free trial’ period, you can send a STOP  text to the shortcode given in the text. In the example above it is necessary to text STOP or STOP ALL to 83463 to prevent further charges to your account. ‘STOP ALL’  should stop all services on the given shortcode. This can be useful if you have, or think you might have, been signed up to more than one service. There are two problems with stopping the charges by sending a STOP text:

1.  The text is chargeable (usually only 10p)

2. The companies sometimes take your sending of a STOP text as an indication that you accept the charges already made. This makes getting a refund more difficult.

You need to be sure to send the STOP message to the shortcode number in the subscription text. This text should be charged at your standard network rate. You should receive a confirmation text to confirm that you have been unsubscribed. Keep these texts until the whole matter is satisfactorily resolved.

Sending a STOP text and getting confirmation

Ask for confirmation of anything agreed in writing to avoid subsequent disputes. If they refuse to do this, send them an email outlining what you believe was agreed and asking them to contact you if anything in that email is disputed. Obtain delivery and read receipts for emails and retain these until the matter is resolved.

Basically, these companies are operating fraudulently and you should not trust anything they say. Judge them by their deeds and not by their words!

The charge receipt comes from Payforit and looks like this:

It is no use replying to this message, or indeed sending any message to Payforit.

Sometimes, all that is received is the Payforit receipt. In this case you need to identify the five digit number which is originating the charges.

If the Payforit receipt text is received without the accompanying sign up texts, you won’t know who to contact to stop the fraudulent subscription. In this case you have a deduction, but you don’t know what it is for. What to do if you can’t identify the originator of the charges

Try to approach the process in an organised and businesslike manner. Record calls and keep texts. Ask for written confirmation of anything agreed verbally. Most people get a full refund, but you do need to follow the process. You can rant all you like at your network, but the system makes it difficult for them to stop the charges. I agree that they could and should do much more, but if you delay in taking action yourself you will weaken your legal position.

If you’re not clear what Payforit is, look here.

Stopped the texts? Time for Step 2 – try to get a refund.


51 Replies to “I’m receiving unexpected ‘Payforit’ charges – what should I do?”

  1. I am a 79 year old lady and have experienced Premium SMS fraud from Remote Gamed Ltd. and would be interested to know if anyone else has faced a similar issue?

    They took nearly £45 from my bank account without consent which is a lot for a lady in my situation. I haven’t as yet received a refund and all requests have been ignored.

    It seems they have found away to steal money from peoples banks via their phone bills.

    There is some good news though, from investigation the owners of this company Remote Games Ltd, Robert James Morley, Carl Barker, Gary Cooper and Colin Mc Caffery are going to soon face criminal charges, a huge fine and potential jail sentences for their actions.

    1. Hi Margaret
      Sorry for the delay in replying. My wife was scammed by Remote Games, so I am particularly interested in any information you have concerning them. Have you made a complaint to the Phone-paid Services Agency?
      Remote Games did eventually refund my wife, but it took about 6 weeks.
      Let me know if I can help in any way – I promise not to take so long getting back to you next time!


  2. I have been charged £18 for a scam from this number. Sent the STOP message to which they confirmed my subscription will be cancelled after 24 hrs. O2 also said that they have blocked 3rd party charges to my account, which I thought might be more difficult to achieve after reading up on the subject. I will test this tomorrow using the bus information service.

    Company details:

    Tap2Bill Limited
    5 St. John’s Lane
    EC1M 4BH
    United Kingdom

    Lasevia Investments Limited
    Service name: Classic Movies
    Keyword: PFI Service
    Service Type: Entertainment – non-adult
    Service started on: 13 March 2018
    Service ended on: Active

    Do you advise to also ring them to ensure everything is cancelled?