Scams using shortcode 83463

Many Payforit scams make use of shortcode 83463. So who is responsible?

The PSA has the following information about shortcode number:



Customer care number: 0333 003 0599
Customer care email:
Customer care website: Tap2Bill Limited has not provided this information
Search result provided by: Tap2Bill Limited
Service connected on: 26 May 2016
Service terminated on: This service is still operating
Name of service: PayforIt Product Free to User Shortcode
Type of service: Tap2Bill Limited has not provided this information
Service description: Shortcode used for sending free reminder messages and consumers to text STOP to.
How much does this service cost? zero

If you would like to find out more about this service or have a question about it, then you should contact the service provider: Tap2Bill Limited

Tap2Bill Limited
5 St. John’s Lane
United Kingdom

2 Replies to “Scams using shortcode 83463”

  1. I had the following text:-

    FreeMsg: Thank you for subscribing to for £4.50 every week from Wahoo Limited until you text STOP to 83463. HELP? 03300535830

    I contacted 3 who couldn’t reverse the charge but have put a stop on my account so that no further charges can occur.

    I emailed the helpdesk from the topwallpaper and had a reply that they have stopped the subscription (I never texted stop as that could mean I agree to the contract) and will forward a payment in 7 days via a post office text.

    It specifically states at the end of the email “To confirm the service is STOPPED and a refund issued.”

    I am glad the issue is easy to stop as if it wasn’t I was going to go the whole hog and complain and proceed with legally returning my stolen money.

    I would advise the companies to change the model to a one off 49p charge and make sure it is for a charity they have set up.

    This way the majority of people won’t bother pursuing it further and having a charity will enable even further money to claimed by the scammers.

  2. I just heard from the PSA after I raised a case against this lot – they have breached numerous rules and will give refunds if you ask. – I think you’ll need to send a copy of phone bill. Case number is CAS-150795-S6Q7B2

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