What to do if you can’t identify the originator of the charges

If you have received a ‘Payforit’ receipt text, but have no other text messages to identify the originator of the charges, things have the potential to get more complicated.

The first thing to check is that you are not barring the receipt of premium rate texts. There is little point in barring the receipt of these texts, as you are charged for them whether you receive them or not!

Check your messages,
Also check to see if you’ve placed a 5 digit number on your blocked /spam /reject list. If you have, unblock it and text the words STOP ALL to it

If you can’t identify the originator of the texts, you could try this link
Input your mobile number and click send pin
You’ll receive a 4 digit number by text
Input that back on the page and click send

The next page will show details of any subscription your number is currently linked to including contact details and the 5 digit number to text the STOP ALL text.

Unfortunately this won’t work for all ‘services’, so even after this, you may still be unable to identify the ‘service’ you are signed up to.

At this stage you will need to raise the issue with your network. The regulator expects networks to render this minimal level of assistance, so if they are unhelpful, raise it as a formal complaint.



6 Replies to “What to do if you can’t identify the originator of the charges”

  1. Hi I am getting a pay for it text every Friday. It’s not telling me what is for just a pay for it charge. I have been replying with stop. Don’t know how to sort it.
    Would love some help

    1. Hi Julie

      If you’ve followed all the steps in this article and have still not been able to identify what the charge is for, you will need to contact your mobile network. Although they won’t help you deal with the scam company, they are required to justify any charge by telling you who is responsible.

  2. Hi I am receiving a pay for it charge text and I am unable to identify the source and I’m being charged. I am concerned the mobile payment support could also be a way of actioning fraud

    1. “Mobile Payment Support” is just the name of a third party customer service organisation. Don’t contact them unless the service you are subscribed to uses them. Even then, don’t waste too much time arguing with them. Find out who is taking your money (ask your network if necessary) and insist on a FULL refund. Ask no more than twice, then start the Small Claims procedure.
      Don’t give unnecessary personal information to these companies, but recognise that they will require proof that you are the owner of the phone number before refunding.

  3. I ve been charged a higher amount on my bill but have not had these premium messages
    All i found on the bill was payforit and don t know the source or where tjis higher bill come from.
    Checked to see if google play was linked to my network but just got it linked to PayPal.
    Now with the corona outbreak it’s 10 times harder to speak to someone abovt it

    1. Steve, which network are you with? How much were the extra Payorit charges? Ultimately, if your network won’t help (coronavirus or no coronavirus), you can use the Small Claims procedure to get them to refund.

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