So you’ve been scammed by one of these low-life companies. We need you to complain = even if you got a full refund. If you didn’t get a full refund, complaining may help.

Your first step should be to complain to the Phone-paid Services Authority(PSA). Although PSA are regulatorand not an ombudsman, they rely on reports from consumers to identify the companies they need to investigate.  PSA enforce a Code of Practice which governs these “services”, so your complaint need to highlight areas where there has been a breach. Keep accurate records of all actions that you take. examples of breaches of the PSA code are:

  • charging without consent
  • unclear or inaccurate pricing
  • lack of clarity in how they handle disputes
  • failure to provide Customer Service. Services are required to provide Customer Service on a UK non-premium land line, during working hours Mon-Fri.
  • failure to respond to emails and letters, or to return calls.
  • failure to provide a prompt refund when one has been agreed
  • lack of fairness to consumers.

This isn’t a full list, but covers the most common breaches.

When you complain PSA will provide a Case reference, which will allow you to add further information to your complaint. Including your PSA complaint reference in your communications with the service provider may help you get a positive response.