Complaining to PSA

Step 3 – Make a complaint to the Phone-paid Services Authority(PSA)

If you have been signed up without consent to one of these premium rate services it really is important that you report it.

You should complain even if you have received a full refund. It is unlawful to charge without consent and providing a refund doesn’t make it right!

The PSA is not an ombudsman or a disputes resolution service, so don’t expect them to intervene directly in your case. They are  regulator, and will investigate if they receive a large number of complaints about a particular company.

In truth, PSA are generally quite ineffective, but they do compile statistics of complaints and these scams are massively under-reported. Make sure yours is included!

It it contrary to the PSA Code of Conduct to sign people up for these services without their consent, and these companies need to be shut down quickly. Your complaint may help others.

Before complaining you need to know the following.

  1. The premium rate service the number relates to. This can be retrieved either from your text message confirmation or your phone bill.
  2. The name of the company providing the premium rate service.
  3. Your personal details, such as your name, address and contact details.
  4. The name of your phone or mobile network.

You do not need to attach a copy of your phone bill to make a complaint to PSA.

To make a complaint:

Go to the number checker on the PSA website:

Put in the shortcode you are complaining about and click ‘Check it!’. You may need to complete a Captcha challenge in order to proceed to the next stage.

The next screen shows details of the company(s) responsible for the shortcode. Towards the bottom of the page there is ‘If you are unsatisfied with the outcome from the service provider, please get in touch with us here.’. Click on ‘here’ and you will be taken to the complaint form.

The more information you can include in your complaint, the easier it will be for PSA to take action.

It is particularly important to include correspondence which shows that you have asked for proof of consent and that this has not been provided. General comments to the effect that you must have clicked a series of links is NOT PROOF.

If you find the online process too cumbersome you can complain by ‘phone on 0300 30 300 20 (Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5pm, excluding bank holidays). This is charged as a normal landline call.

You can also contact them via Facebook messenger.

If you still have problems making a complaint, contact me through this site for help.

You should receive a case number from PSA. Make sure that you keep them informed of any further dealings with the company which took your money, and the progress of any legal proceedings you take through the Small Claims procedure.

After complaining to PSA you need to consider how to protect yourself from these scams in the future.

Step 4 – Protect yourself

44 Replies to “Complaining to PSA”

  1. Thank you …I am going to take action against ..body in8 …service who is stealing my money via O2 bills

    1. Hi Anna
      I don’t know what form of action you intend to take. Bodyin8 will probably give you a refund, to avoid you having any legal claim against them. Whatever you do, make a complaint to PSA, even if you have received your money back. It is against the PSA Code of Practice to make these charges without consent, so complain and make sure that your complaint receives a case number. We need to be able to prove that these scams affect large numbers of consumers, and this is proving difficult because so few of them pursue a complaint.

  2. I have been scammedby bodyin8. I have never signed up for anything. They are taking £3.00per week from my Vodafone account.I have text Stop ,so will wait for a reply.

    1. Hi Lynn

      It’s probably worth giving them a ring to confirm that you are unsubscribed and to demand a refund of the money they have taken. If you don’t know how you came to be subscribed you should also make a complaint to the regulator.
      I hope you manage to sort this out. Let me know if I can offer any further help or advice,

    2. Make sure the Telecoms provider places a bar on your account to prevent further charges. I got £15 charged on my account from Bodyin8 following the text they’ve pushed to my phone without my prior consent, whilst having no service abroad and with GDPR in force. I’ve already made a claim with MPS Helpline and got nowhere as they said the 3rd Party charged me correctly following a two step registration process that I’ve allegedly completed. My Telecoms supplier have applied a £5 goodwill gesture on my account but I’m still £10 short.

      1. Yes, putting a ‘charge to bill’ bar on to your account is the best thing to do. However, currently Three and GiffGaff both say they are unable to do this, whilst EE, O2 and Vodafone can.
        If Bodyin8 have refused to refund, get that in writing. Then send a letter before action giving them 3 weeks to refund, or face a claim in the small claims court. If they don’t respond, claim your £15 through Moneyclaim Online. It will cost you £25 to claim, but this will be added to your claim. In every case I have dealt with so far, the company has refunded in full rather than try to justify these rather dubious business practices.
        I know the amount involved is small, but please don’t give up and let the scammers win. The law is actually on your side, but you have to use it.

        1. Thank you for coming back to me on that, Paul. I have the entire email trail from MPS. As I don’t have any direct contact for Bodyin8 – they only have a contact form for membership set up on their website – should I go back to the MPS with the course of action you suggested?

          Many thanks in advance for your help.


          1. Hi again Gabi

            You need to deal directly with Bodyin8. They are the people who now have your money, and that is not in dispute. Have you used the contact form to request a refund? If so, what did they say?
            It’s always best to ask politely for a refund first, sometimes companies pay out quite readily.
            Have you tried calling the customer services number in your sign up text? On Twitter they are providing a number of 03300538661 for customer service enquiries. If possible record any call you make, and ask for email confirmation of any agreement you make with them.
            Keep a record of all attempts to make contact with them, and of any response received. If after making a reasonable effort, or if they refuse, in writing, to give a full refund, you will need to send a letter before action. The company behind Bodyin8 is Well Fitness Ltd
            Their registered address is: Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom, DA14 6NE .

            There is some information here concerning the Bodyin8 scam.

            The legal process, including a sample letter before action is described here:

            I hope this helps you to take your next step(s). Please don’t hesitate to ask again if further help or advice is needed.


    3. Hi I been tel I will get a money back from TTiger in 21 November and nothing happen I call them 5 times already what shall I do I still don’t have a money

      1. Have you reported your case to PSA? If not, this is your next step. Tell them that a refund was agreed and that you haven’t been paid.

        If you can show PSA that a refund was agreed, but it has not been paid, this is a clear breach of the code of practice.

        What do Thumbtiger say when you ask why the money hasn’t been paid?

        1. So I get a email that is been accepted,when I am calling help desk they just saying that they send email to thumbtiger but they don’t respond so is nothing what they can do

          1. Have you reported your case to PSA? Who are you emailing? What was the five digit number (shortcode) used or the service? Keep email evidence or recordings of calls to prove that a refund was agreed.

          2. You need to report the matter to PSA. If a promise to refund was made, then it should be made reasonably quickly. How were they going to refund you?

  3. I was billed £60 before I’d even realised it. I contacted both 3 and ‘Nuyoo”, who both refused any kind of refund. I persevered with 3 and explained that I had been with them for over 10 years, etc and managed to negotiate a refund of £50 from them.

    1. I’m glad you got most of your money back, but disappointed that you didn’t insist on a full refund. There is a lot of evidence that if faced with legal action Nuyoo will pay out in full. The law is on your side. They have to prove that you genuinely consented to the fraudulent subscription. They wouldn’t be able to do that even if you had knowingly subscribed. Ofcom realised as early as 2012 that ‘Payforit’ transactions could be spoofed in malware, so any so called ‘proof’ of consent won’t hold up legally.
      Please make sure you put in a complaint to the regulator. If they haven’t started investigating Nuyoo by now they certainly ought to start! Thanks for letting us know of your experiences

  4. This is an outrageous fraud . Why are we accepting this robbery by the richest companies in the world ?
    OFCOM and O2 told me that the MNO receives nothing from Payforit . Charity . I don’t think so.
    Lets get twenty go us together and take a group action against
    O2,3 ,EE Voda. £50 each would get us to the criminal court suing them for fraud and breach of Data protection Act.
    This theft by lethargy.
    They can stop this fraud in an instant .
    Who do OFCOM work for ?
    Tom McCabe

  5. Thanks for all the helpful comments here.

    I received the scam text saying I had subscribed to ‘applicateka for £4.50 per week from NRS….etc’. I didn’t reply as there is so much publicity about replying to unsolicitated texts- it was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I didn’t want to spend hours reseacrhing this on the internet. Then a week or so after, I had a £9 charge on my Vodafone bill so I texted STOP. After 3 calls to Vodafone they have refunded the £9 as a ‘good will gesture’ (thanks guys..). I’ve also had an email conversation with the infamous ‘NRS group’ asking them for written evidence that I authorised this service..nothing forthcoming except a list of the texts they sent me.

    After looking extensively online I now see I initially did the wrong thing, but how are you supposed to know?! It has taken so much time sorting this out and makes me so cross as it’s been going on for years. The £9 isn’t a lot but if they scam a lot of people out of it, they are making a fortune. It’s so clearly wrong and I can’t believe it’s allowed to go on. I have reported it on your link to the PSA and also blocked any further Pay For it. Grrrrrrr

  6. I have had 4 months deducted I kept questioning why my bill had gone up
    Three totally refuse to help I outright addled them where there copy of my consent to Payforit was as they should have it legally. They avoided the question several times and told me to calll them which I will be doing in am. Surely this is fraud I just feel for vulnerable people out there who wouldn’t know where to start you really on your phone provider to support you not scam

  7. My 12 year old’s phone (which he uses purely as a medical device) has been scammed. God knows how much for as it is PAYG on Three. I’ve sent a harshly worded email to Nuyoo, but after further reading, I realise this is probably futile. I’ve no intention of letting this go though, however have no clue how much money they have actually taken!

    1. It’s not futile to pursue Nuyoo for your losses, after all they are the ones who took your money. You will have to be able to quantify your loss. Three should be able to help you with this, or you can work it out from the texts received. Nuyoo will refund if you threaten them with legal action. Don’t get bogged down in pointless argument, but follow the processes described here.

  8. Thanks for this. I followed your advice and complained to the PSA about Mocoplay, 62442, Fortunately, I found your site before any money was taken: without your advice, I probably would not have dared to text STOP, so thank – you’re providing a real public service.

  9. Dear Anne B,

    I have been scammed by NRS (Net Real Solutions), as well as My Media Games and FitGuru. I deluge emailed My Media Games and got a ‘standard’ reply from ‘Stephen’, claiming I had interacted with adverts and subscribed to the service and refused to pay back. They even sent me more billing messages, probably to get back at me for the emails and even emailed a standard reply back when I hadn’t sent them any message (this was obviously harassment). I have written to NRS and expect the same rubbish you got.

    In the meantime, I have:
    – had all third party billing barred
    – reported all three parasites to the PSA, and they have informed
    me there are irregularities and are investigating them
    – reported My Media Scams, Net Scam Solutions & Scamguru to
    my phone provider, who is also investigating them.
    – set up a petition to the phone providers: I have included this website

    I don’t know whether the investigations will make much difference. I am going to write to the Spanish regulator (anyone know the contact details?) about NRS as they are registered to an office in Spain.

    My advice is:
    – write a complaint to your phone provider
    – write a complaint to the PSA (details on this website)
    – get third party barring for bills
    Make sure you forward all the correspondence and evidence to your provider and the PSA. The more people that complain the more likely these parasites will be bought to book.


  10. Hello,
    I’m a Three customer for the past 8 -9 years now ,and didn’t happend that to charge me like now.I’ve been charged with £22.35 on my Three ‘s bill to ,,everything else”,payforit”.I have spoken with three advisors from Three but none of them didn’t recognised that ir’s a scam.They’ve sustained that it’s happened accidentaly suscribed to of one of the advertising,,Sports club”????
    What it’s my concern is that Three Mobile doesn’t protect they customers blocking the advertising or whatever they are.After I will sort it somehow to get refund (if I will get one)I am gonna cancel the contract with them.Can someone tell me that the steps of the procefures ,please, thank you.

  11. Dear Mlhaela,

    From what I have read, Three are the worst phone service provider regarding these scams. You need to demand third party barring to stop further billings, my provider has done this and refunded me.

    Unfortunately, I understand that Three does not do third party barring. I would email a complaint to Three and also to the Phone-Paid Services Authority (details on the Payforitsucks website). Threaten to leave them because they allowed this to happen. The system that subscribed was invisible to you and therefore breaks breaks the rules. I will bet that you didn’t see anything that told you you were subscribing. Your money was effectively stolen!!!

    Are there any contact details from the scammers? It is likely that any phone number will be a call centre who haven’t a clue about the scammer.

    If you haven’t done so already, I recommend you scan through the Payforitsucks website as there is excellent information and advice.

    Put in a bad review of the scammers company on Trust Pilot and any other review website. You may find others had the same experience with the scammer you had. Three should also have a ‘Three Community’ on their website where customers make comments and complaints. You will find complaints about this scam and may even find the same scammer being reported on this forum. Three should be looking at their community comments and should be concerned.

    Unfortunately, pay for it companies, including the scammers, pay the phone providers for using their ‘airwaves’ so may be reluctant to lose this income.

    I have a petition for the phone providers about this, see below:

    Please feel free to sign the petition and forward to others. Good luck. In addition, take note of any other advice you receive on this thread.

  12. Hi,
    My partner was scammed to the tune of about £70 by MyMediaGames and Noahtel Europe. Our mobile provider is O2. O2 were less than helpful when my partner visited their shop in Magherafelt, UK on the 1/10/18, saying that she should stop playing games so that this would not happen again. What nonsense! What substandard customer care and service! She doesn’t play games, and these scammers covertly took her money, with scam texts being ignored for fear of covert charges and further scams. Although they claimed to put a bar on these fraudsters by applying the Bar to Direct Bill. I followed up with a number of calls to O2 which I will not go into here.
    In summary I am pursuing a refund. Nothing was consented to and these ‘companies’ obtained the phone number unwittingly by fraud, their text messages were naturally regarded as spam texts. These £4.50 weekly charges by Noahtel and MYmediagames were augmented by Noahtel managing to charge a premium rate text charge of £3.75 at 453am one morning when we were all sleeping obviously for what reason we are also not aware. This is all fraud and stealing as far as we are concerned – normal hard working people trying to make ends meet and having these thieves to deal with. This has created stress for my family and I am going to make sure they pay for this, not only for a refund, but at a higher level if I can achieve this. Thanks for your website which has been helpful as a guide to pursuing these criminals.

  13. Dear Conner,

    I looked up Noahtel & found them on Linkedin. There appears to be only three employees:
    Claudius Gunter 3rd degree connection3rd
    Mobile Marketing Manager (Performance-based) // Mobile User Acquisition
    London, United Kingdom
    Current: Mobile Marketing Manager at Noatel Europe
    Giusy Palazzolo 3rd degree connection3rd Giusy Palazzolo is a Premium member
    Business Supervisor presso Noatel Europe
    London, United Kingdom
    Current: Business Supervisor at Noatel Europe
    Valeria Bagnato 3rd degree connection3rd
    Digital Acquisition & Business Development
    Palermo Area, Italy
    Current: Global Business Development at Noatel Europe
    If you look up this company you can find their information on Linkedin and see the actual faces of the scammers (or at least 2 out of 3).

    Regarding My Media games (or My Media Scams), there no way to contact them except for a ‘info @……’ email address. Someone called ‘Stephan’ responds on this and lies about what website you ‘interacted with’ and will not refund you. You should harass TxtNation, who put out the MMG message & billing, they are based in Plymouth (I believe they are very involved in the scam).

    Make a complaint to the PSA about each of the two parasites and also complain to O2 on their complaint line. I got a refund from O2 when I went on their online chatline, they were very helpful; don’t waste your time with the O2 shops. The ‘pay for it sucks’ website has a wealth of information and contact details.

    The phone companies could stop this easily, but won’t.

    I have a petition about this scam, going to the phone providers; feel free to sign it and pass on to as many as possible. I promise it is NOT a scam link!!!

    Finally, go to Trust Pilot and any other review website and give the scammers, including TxtNation a s**t review.

    Spread the word! Good luck.

    1. One other thing you can do is to respond to the Phone-paid Services Authority(PSA) consultation on subscription services.
      Although the PSA have shown themselves to be pretty useless as a regulator, they can be shamed into action. What is needed is a significant number of consumer responses calling for reform.

      The consultation ends on 15th October. If you haven’t already responded please do. PSA will assume that a lack of criticism means they are getting it right!

  14. Thanks for that reminder!!!! I will add that to the petition.

    I researched Noatel and found their details on the Companies House register. The Director is an Italian dentist called Antonio Doria. Another website lists over 60 domains they have. I have cut & pasted some of it below; it is a bit messy as it didn’t transfer as neatly as it looked. You will notice that some of the domains look familiar in other scams, this needs to be confirmed. you will also notice that they are registered to mainly 2 people, Antonio Doria & Giuseppina Palazzolo (who is the London agent, see previous message from me). The domain names include;

    prankvid, instalize, videocheers, gamesmile, etc

    Below is the list (recognise any from other scams?):- Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    81-83, Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JA 27 Apr 2016 27 Apr 2018 Giuseppina Palazzolo, Noatel Europe LTD
    Fulham Green 81-83, London, SW6 3JA 11 Dec 2014 11 Dec 2018 Giuseppina Palazzolo, Noatel Europe LTD
    Fulham Green 81-83, London, SW6 3JA 11 Dec 2014 11 Dec 2018 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    Fulham Green 81-83, London, SW6 3JA 16 Dec 2014 16 Dec 2018 Giuseppina Palazzolo, Noatel Europe LTD, London, SW6 3JA 12 Jan 2015 11 Jan 2017 Giuseppina Palazzolo, Noatel Europe LTD
    Fulham Green 81-83, London, SW6 3JA 12 Jan 2015 12 Jan 2017 Giuseppina Palazzolo, Noatel Europe LTD
    Fulham Green 81-83, London, PA, SW6 3JA 12 Jan 2015 12 Jan 2017 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    Fulham Green 81-83, London, SW6 3JA 19 Dec 2014 19 Dec 2018 Giuseppina Palazzolo, Noatel europe LTD
    Chester House, 81-83 Fulham High Street, London, PA, SW6 3JA 27 Jan 2016 27 Jan 2018 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    81-83, Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JA 8 Apr 2016 8 Apr 2018 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    81-83, Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JA 27 Apr 2016 27 Apr 2018 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    81-83, Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JA 27 Apr 2016 27 Apr 2018 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    81-83, Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JA 2 May 2016 2 May 2018 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    81-83, Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JA 2 May 2016 2 May 2018 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    81-83, Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JA 13 Jun 2016 13 Jun 2018 Antonio Doria, Noatel Europe LTD
    81-83, Fulham High Street, London, SW6 3JA 28 Jul 2016 28 Jul

  15. Hi I’m wondrring if you can help. I have had extra charges of almost £130 from loaded mobi through my 3 account. They are refusing to give me a full refund but have offered a ridiculous£21. Countless calls have been made and they hang up on me. 3 have taken no responsibility for this, leaving me out of pocket. Loaded mobi say I had signed up to this service but I am certain I didn’t not unless it was through some add pop up? Can you advise me of how to persue this further?

    1. Saira

      It sounds as though you have been far too patient! Don’t waste any more time arguing, but use the Small Claims process.
      Loadedmobi is a scam operated by a company called SB7 Mobile Ltd. Ths is the same company as is responsible for the Nuyoo scam. Follow the instructions here: Send them a letter before action giving them 3 weeks to refund, or face legal action through Moneyclaim Online. Look at the Trustpilot reviews of SB7 Mobile to obtain evidence that they are defrauding consumers.
      If you need any further help, come back here and ask. I’m confident that this approach will get you a full refund.

      1. Thanks Paul. I will try this, but who should I send the letter to? Could you help me find an add for loaded mobi? The advisors are so rude they keep on telling me I had clicked 2x to approve subscription, when I asked for proof they gave none. I really hope I can recover my losses.

        1. Hi Saira

          According to Companies House, the address for SB7 Mobile Ltd, who operate the Loadedmobi ‘service’ is
          2-3 Bassett Court,
          Broad Street,
          Newport Pagnell,
          MK16 0JN

          You should send your letter before action to this address by first class service. It is not strictly necessary to send it signed for, as the law presumes that mail sent first class has been delivered. Keep proof of posting though. A signed for letter sometimes gets more attention, so use this if you wish.

          Before doing this you could try sending a copy by email to However it is very important that you are able to prove receipt, so unless you receive a clear acknowledgment you should proceed to send a copy by post.

          The PSA list an address of
          SB7 Mobile Ltd
          The Builders Yard
          Higher Rads End
          Milton Keynes
          MK17 9ED
          United Kingdom

          You could send copy to this address, but that is not strictly necessary.

          If you really want to grab their attention, you can also send copies to the directors:

          Jonathan Paul Brown
          28 Horsley Drive
          Kingston on Thames
          KT2 5GG


          John Roncalli Sammon
          44 Longmeadow Drive
          MK45 3FB

  16. The Loadedmobi details on their website:-

    Contact Us
    Unit 15535
    PO Box 6945,
    W1A 6US
    Telephone (office hours): 0203 870 3992

    Notice the address is a PO box, so not the actual address and I would guess the telephone number is a call centre.

    Follow Paul’s advice. In addition, I would put in a scathing review of SB7 on Trust Pilot; they don’t like that!!! I would also do the same for 3, I have read many comments by unsatisfied customers and poor customer care by them. Have third party billing barred to stop further unwanted bills. If 3 don’t help then you could threaten to leave them; the risk here is that you may lose your money.

    Look on the PSA website and you will see SB7 have been penalised more than once!

    Unfortunately, the PSA have unwittingly given the scammers a loophole to thieve from unwitting people by having a minimum value for conditions of charges of £4.50, so scammers go below this value and get away with it. The phone providers are useless as they don’t do a lot anyway.

    This is a disgraceful situation which has gone on for many years. The PSA and the phone providers could stamp on it now.

    I have a petition about this scam, on the link below.

    1. Barry,

      In addition to your petition, you may wish to respond to the current PSA consultation. The consultation closes on 25th January and I am in the process of putting together my own response. PSA need to be forced to listen to consumers as well as ‘the industry’. Last year, mine was the only response representing consumer interests.

  17. Dear Paul,

    Thanks for the reminder. I have already responded to the consultation, which was because of a previous comment by someone on this website (it may have even been your comment!!).

    I am very concerned that the PSA may not do much or anything at all. I understand that some of the companies who were fined have not paid their fines. My Media Games have a PO Box in the Sychelles, although I believe I have located them in the UK and passed this information on to the PSA. We need to get Watchdog on SB&, et al.


    1. Thank you Barry and Paul. I will let you know how I get on. I really appreciate your help I was about to give up and leave it, but will pursue this now.. Thanks again!

    1. Davie,

      Information held by PSA

      Service checker – result

      The PSA has the following information about the shortcode number below:-
      83463, Keyword – STOP
      Customer care number

      0330 058 2553
      Customer care email
      Customer care website
      Search result provided by

      Jam Jar Mobile
      Service connected on

      04 May 2018
      Service terminated on

      This service is still operating
      Name of service

      Type of service

      Entertainment – non-adult
      Service description

      Jam Jar Club providers HTML5 Games. eBooks, and Wallpapers. HTML5 Games are designed to be played online. No download required. eBooks can be read online also saving on the precious internal memory of your mobile phone. Wallpapers to download to your device giving it a fresh new look!
      How much does this service cost?

      Subscribe to Jam Jar Club from Jam Jar Mobile Ltd for £4.50 per week until you text STOP to 83463. By subscribing to the service you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, that you are a United Kingdom resident, you are 16 years or older and are the authorised bill payer or that you have the permission of the bill payer. Standard operator SMS and data charges apply.

      If you would like to find out more about this service or have a question about it, then you should contact the service provider below.

      Jam Jar Mobile
      Fern Hill Business Centre
      Todd Street
      BL9 5BJ
      United Kingdom

      Information from Companies House:

      1 officer / 0 resignations
      DANSON, Lyndsay

      Correspondence address
      Jam Jar Mobile, Fernhills Business Center, Foerster Chambers, Todd Street, Bury, Gtr Manchester, United Kingdom, BL9 5BJ

      Role Active

      Date of birth
      July 1989

      Appointed on
      1 August 2017


      Country of residence
      United Kingdom


  18. A person earning money in this way on people should be punished in a cruel way … for example, depriving some sense of hmm … eyesight, hearing? ………..

  19. I have twice been fraudulently registered with Trim XS

    I am on 3 mobile who say I need to claim from them. I asked to have Payforit disabled on my account as if I have been scammed twice it is obviously not secure, They say they can’t!
    Trim XS say I have to escalte my request and gave me a number to call with only let me leave a voicemail message – not expecting much from that.
    I have made my complaint on the PSA web site.
    TrimXS seem to be a valid company (or are very clever!) so I will probably do a small claims court claim against them if I get no reply or an unsatisfactory one. If they are valid I guess they pay sme agency to get people signed up and the agency are the fraudsters.
    My guess is the people behind this move things around enough to keep it out of the news and so that when poeple google for it they don’t see much. I didn’t find any references to Trim XS but to other companies mentioned on this site doing the same thing. A big thank you to you for this site.

  20. I have had an issue with WiFi Hubs, they run off SIM cards and these scammers text them get no reply and then I had £80 last month and 86 this month before I noticed my bill. O2 do nothing, even though it’s theft. How could i have clicked on any website etc, how could I even know I had received a text. I am now cancelling all my 02 contracts as they have breached their requirement to protect my details. I will
    Be going to EE as they automatically block these number now, something all networks should be doing.

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