Bodyin8 scam June 2018

In June 2018 there were a large number of reports about Bodyin8. The flow of complaints has abated somewhat, but the company is still the subject of complaints in February 2019.

They operate through a Level 1 provider called Tap2Bill who are responsible for the 83463 shortcode which is associated with quite a few of these scams.

At the time of writing they are not showing on the PSA Number checker. However the customer service number given in the sign up text is 03300538661. This number appears to belong to Mobile Payment Support, a company to which Bodyin8 have contracted out their customer service. MPS appear to be near impossible to deal with, so the advice is to deal directly with the company, using the Small Claims procedure.

The company behind Bodyin8 is Well Fitness Ltd (Company number 09994445). The registered address is : Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom, DA14 6NE.

I am not currently aware of any email address which can be used for Bodyin8, so it may be necessary to send correspondence by post to their registered address.

Update January 2020 – Please Read First

Communication with Well Fitness over the past year has yielded some interesting information, which I’ hope shortly to be in a position to reveal. Do not take legal action against Well Fitness Ltd at this time. The company is in severe financial difficulty, and although you will win your case and get judgement, you are unlikely to ever be paid. We suggest that instead, you take action against the Level 1 provider, Tap2Bill Ltd, and against your network.

A search for CCJs shows the following results for Well Fitness Ltd:

Advice if you’ve been affected by the Bodyin8 scam.

Unfortunately, the way that this works is that you have to contact Bodyin8 and get them to stop the subscription. You should also ask for a full refund of any money they have taken. You are entitled, under Section 45(3) of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to insist that this refund is made back to the account from which it was taken. Under section 45(4) of the same act, any refund needs to be made within 14 days of it being offered and accepted.

If Bodyin8 do not co-operate or do not refund in full, you can then revert to your own network, and ask them to take action under the Mobile Operators Code Of Practice for the management and operation of PFI (Payforit).  O2, EE, Three and Vodafone also have their own procedures for handling ‘Payforit’  and these are linked on this page which gives more detailed advice on how to proceed if you are refused a full refund.

Ultimately if a full refund is refused Bodyin8 have paid out when faced with the possibility of a claim in the small claims court.  Legal action, through the small claims court, is likely to be the fastest and most successful approach to resolving a dispute with Bodyin8. They don’t dispute that they have taken your money. Ultimately they have to prove that you knowingly consented to the payments or make a full refund.

You should also complain to the Phone-paid Services Authority  (PSA) about the unauthorised charges. The regulator will not handle individual cases, but will take action if specific companies generate a disproportionate number of complaints. PSA have informed us that they are already investigating this company.

Sample reports of the Bodyin8 ‘Payforit’ scam

41 Replies to “Bodyin8 scam June 2018”

  1. Feel free to write straight on Bodyin8 and its director Callum Melly’s facebook wall.

  2. I have just got a text that I signed up for a free subscription with bodyin8 and I will be charged 3 pound a week after a day free trial when I have never signed up to them and I have never heard of them ,I see all the messages on here that’s it’s a scam,these scumbags taking people’s money scamming people annoys me so much

  3. This is absolutely a cheating and scam company! I have been secretly stolen £12 per month by them since January of this year. They got this money via Vodafone who put the money on my bill. I just recently discovered this. I talked to the cheaters about a refund but they didn’t care. They said I subscribed to their service but I never did! How can Great Britain allow these scam companies to operate? Can someone take them to prison?

    1. Hi Ray

      You will, by now, have realised that you are not alone in being scammed by Bodyin8. If they have refused a refund, ask for that in writing, and then follow it up with a letter before action. So far they have always settled before any court action has been started. They know they would lose, and they would be liable for your costs once you had started legal action. There is a sample letter before action on the site, which you can use as a template. There is plenty of evidence online that Bodyin8 have been signing up large numbers of consumers without consent, so you have a very strong case.

      1. Thanks a lot for your support Paul. Let all victims unite and catch the thief before it is too late.

  4. Ive just wrote a letter as bodyin8 have been taking £12 a month since june, gonna wait and see what they say, ive given them 14 days, absolutely disgusting theifing scoundrels.

  5. Ok here are the companies registration details for body in 8 scam the ones who try and get you to sign up and then add money to your mobile bill its only six quid but they’ve tried it twice now. Ive contacted o2 about this and they have given me a number to cancel the subscriptions it is 83463 text stop and that should do it but thats not the point people have been charged much more . They are part of a company called well fitness Ltd ive got their details on companies house here

    Company number 09994445

    Company Overview for WELL FITNESS LIMITED (09994445)
    Filing history for WELL FITNESS LIMITED (09994445)
    People for WELL FITNESS LIMITED (09994445)
    Officers Persons with significant control
    Current officers
    4 officers / 3 resignations
    MAGUIRE, Elizabeth Jane
    Correspondence address
    Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom, DA14 6NE
    Role ACTIVE
    Date of birth
    October 1983
    Appointed on
    21 February 2018
    Country of residence
    Company Director
    ALLEN, Ian Michael
    Correspondence address
    Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom, DA14 6NE
    Date of birth
    November 1962
    Appointed on
    9 February 2016
    Resigned on
    21 February 2018
    Country of residence
    ALLEN, Ian Michael
    Correspondence address
    Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom, DA14 6NE
    Date of birth
    November 1962
    Appointed on
    9 February 2016
    Resigned on
    9 February 2018
    Country of residence
    Company Director
    MELLY, Callum Raymond
    Correspondence address
    Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom, DA14 6NE
    Date of birth
    November 1988
    Appointed on
    9 February 2016
    Resigned on
    19 August 2018
    Country of residence
    United Kingdom
    o2 gave me a number to call as well
    I suggest we bombard these Bastards with calls until they refund everyone they have scammed . Look What happened with Amigo bastards charging people thousands of pounds to borrow a few hundred . This is the type thing that Rip off Britain would cover they would send people to their houses and get them on tv. Any company can be sued for bankruptcy just look it up they are a limited company so would be covered if we got together to smash them.

  6. Recently I have also been scammed of £78 by bodyin8, I have not used or heard of their service. I am looking for a refund if possible.
    I was emailed a statement of weekly payments; unfortunately I had taken their subscription texts as a scam and had not replied stop, as I was unaware of the subscription.

  7. I had this back in January. They would not provide logs with IP or MAC Addresses so I know it is a scam.

    The MPS Helpline, who I was sent to the from PSA, sent me the most flimsy of logs that would not stand up in court. No IP addresses no MAC addresses.

    They paid me back by a ridiculous Post Office bar code on my phone which made it difficult for me to do. I asked for them to pay it back to my account.
    “You are entitled, under Section 45(3) of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to insist that this refund is made back to the account from which it was taken. Under section 45(4) of the same act, any refund needs to be made within 14 days of it being offered and accepted.”

    1. Exactly the same happened to me – £3 a month during July-Oct. I asked for details of how I signed up and MPS helpline just supplied logs that do nothing of the kind. Vodafone won’t help. Was it MPS Helpline who pid you or Well Fitness Ltd? (MPS Helpline gave me the name of Well Fitness Ltd).

  8. Same thing has happened to me. I finally got this stopped in November after being unaware I was being charged for 3 months. I only found out by accident as I queried my October phone bill with O2. Its shocking that mobile phone companies are saying its OK for their customers to charged for this scams. I got nowhere with 02 who directed me to MPS helpline.

    After several exchanges with MPS Helpline I am getting nothing but guff back from them saying they have evidence i consented to this scam. They don’t have anything but pdf logs confirming that i was indeed charged but nothing else which i have called them out on. Who are funding MPS Helpline? Its clear they are just fobbing off all complaints with the same crap by trying to say its the fault of person who has got charged. No matter what you say they will try and legitimise BodyIn8 as a professional business who have operated within the rules. We all know they aren’t so what is the purpose of MPS? In my opinion they are just as bad as the scammers themselves. They know this is a scam but do nothing to help.

    What are my next steps towards getting a full refund?

    1. Have you sent your letter before action yet? If not, that is your next step. So far, Bodyin8 have refunded on receipt of this letter.

      Details are on this page.

      If you’ve already been refused a refund after sending a letter before action, come back to me here with a copy of their response and I’ll talk you through your options.

    2. I have finally got satisfaction from Vodafone. I told them about MPS helpline and how useless they were being – MPS were refusing to supply the only possible evidence that I did sign up: a URL of the signup page. I logged a complaint at PSA. But then I went back to Vodafone and gradually went up through their chain of call-centre supervisors. They initially offered to refund half my money as I am a loyal customer (been with them since 1993) but I refused. I said I had no financial relationship with MPS Helpline or bodyin8 or Well Fitness Ltd, but only a financial relationship with Vodafone. I said this meant Vodafone should refund me and then they could seek redress from Well Fitness for their loss. Eventually Vodafone refunded in full. So I didn’t need to send a letter before action.

  9. Hello,

    Desperately looking for guidance and advice.
    These companies have been charging me from Dec 2017 – Dec 2018.
    To explain in more detail my mother uses this phone to make her local day to day calls, my mother is old and she is not internet or phone savvy and has never used the services these bogus companies are claiming she used. She had no knowledge of signing up and has never heard of the 3rd party services we have been charged for. If she signed up then she must have done so unwittingly. I as the bill payer, I have never authorised these services.

    I contacted 4 out of 5 companies that were appearing on my bill, they have asked me to email them.
    > 03300538661> This one responded saying that my mother subscribed to Bodyin8 and that as a good will gesture they are prepared to give me £50.00
    >03300535867 > No Response
    >02036270111 > No response
    >03300535869 > No Response
    The 5th company tel: 02030865045 called IM,Mintend Tile Wall – does not exists.

    These bogus companies have charged me collectively 631.50 +, I have never bothered to check by Three bill and always paid timely because I had trust Three would protect me.

    At the end of Oct 2018 my mother traveled out of the UK and did not use her phone as she left it with me. Then I notice that her November 2018 bill is still high, that is when I queried her bill with your advisers and they explained to me about the 3rd party charges.

    I am super confused, how could this happen and I am not sure who to turn to. Three are washing their hands off it and they are not willing to provide future protection.

    1. Rosa,

      I’m sorry to hear of this situation. In common with all the other networks, Three have a policy of not helping in situations like this. Unfortunately, this means you will need to deal separately with each of the five scamming companies. Don’t accept any partial refunds, but insist on a FULL refund in each case. Don’t waste a lot of time arguing with these companies, but send them a ‘letter before action’. Where you are dealing with a UK based company this will usually result in a full refund. The situation is more complex if any of the companies are based overseas.

      You don’t say which companies or services your mother’s phone became subscribed to. Were any of them based outside the UK?

      There is another course of action you could consider, but I can’t be sure that it would work. You could send a letter before action to Three, citing their negligence in allowing clearly fraudulent companies to take money from your account. There is plenty of evidence that many of the companies operating these scams are nothing more than a front, allowing consumers to be defrauded by exploiting the vulnerabilities of ‘Payforit’. It would be interesting to see Three’s response to such a letter. They may even settle out of court. If not you would need to proceed to a Small Claims action against Three. The cost of such a course of action would be small, but preparing a solid claim could be quite time consuming.

      I’m sorry not to be able to offer a simple way of resolving your case. Publicity can be a great help, so anything you can do to publicise your case (I have written to you privately about this) will help.


      1. Hello Paul,

        Mary Christmas and Happy New year to you!
        Thank you for your swift response. This is my progress so far and hope it can help your other readers as well.
        > As you correctly pointed out Three have written to me back offering £50.00 bill credit and providing company names and tel numbers to contact:

        • IM,Nuyoo,helpline 03300535869

        • IM,Loadedmobi,helpline 03300535867

        • IM,BodyIn8,helpline 03300538661

        The only company that responded so far is BodyIn8 offering £50.00. The others are ignoring my emails.

        • 02030865045 (Three does not know who they are)
        • 02036270111 (Three does not know who the are)

        I’m not sure if any of these are UK based companies. As per your advice I will respond to Three citing their negligence and will let you know their response.
        Also I’ve contacted the PSA and so far they identified the below 2 service providers to be operating in breach of their Code of Practice, as such the companies have also agreed to pay a full goodwill refund to all eligible consumers who have complained to the PSA.
        > SB7 Mobile Ltd 03301340182 (they must have different operating telephone lines I guess)
        > Body in 8 M

        Also, I did not receive your email about making this public to raise awareness.
        Can you forward me your email again?

        Many Thanks

        1. Hi again Rosa
          I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you after Christmas, and I’ve only just found this loose end. I’m not sure how much further you have got. You might be interested to know that Bodyin8 are now the subject of legal action by at least two defrauded consumers. Most other companies are currently paying out on receipt of letter before action. Is there any more help I can offer?

  10. Yep, well and truly scammed by this company, Bodyin8/ Well fitness Limited.
    Current director ALLEN, Ian Michael
    Resigned 19 August 2018 MELLY, Callum Raymond.

    So these jokers have been taking £3 a month for April 2018, which I was not aware of, so a grand total of £144 has been taken from my account and Three are investigating and to be frank have done sweet F.A other than put me in touch with MPS helpline which are the people who handle the payment for Bodyin8 and “are not bodyin8” anyway these people have seen me a report which confirms I did sign up for the service amongst a full page of waffle, yet fail to provide any specific evidence other than ‘our report shows that you signed up’.

    So Whom do I go after now?

    1. Christo, when did the payments stop? Bodyin8 ceased to exist as a “service” months ago, so no money should have been taken after this date. Make sure you complain to the Phone-paid Services Authority, who I know are currently investigating this “service” I assume that you have already threatened legal action against Well Fitness Ltd. What response did you get?
      You could try contacting Tap2Bill Ltd. They are the Accredited Payment Intermediary responsible for the 83463 number which was the shortcode used by Bodyin8. If money has been take since March this year, ask them how they were able to make deductions in respect of a defunct “service”.
      Call Tap2Bill on 0333 003 0599 or email them at
      Ultimately legal action using the Small Claims procedure against both Tap2Bill and Three ought to get you a refund if they fail to cooperate.

  11. My mother has been robbed of £240 from her phone by Bodyin8 without her knowledge. I sent a registered letter as suggest above with no reply and now a county court claim was returned unserved when sent to Well Fitness Limited, Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup. Looks like these crooks have shut up shop and done a runner. Does anyone where I can re-send the form to? There was an address scribbled on the envelope 52 Hill Brow Bromley Kent. Anyone know if this is where they are?

    1. If the claim was served to the company’s registered address, it is valid. They can’t just return it like that. I have checked the record at Companies House and as of today the registered address remains as Onega House, 112 Main Road, Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom, DA14 6NE. YOU SHOULD NOT USE ANY OTHER ADDRESS AS IT WOULD INVALIDATE YOUR CLAIM. Double check the address you provided to the court. If it was correct, you can continue with your claim and ignore the returned envelope – it should have been returned to the court anyway!
      As a matter of interest, when was the last payment taken?
      I ask because I am in communication with a representative of Well Fitness Ltd who is claiming that they were duped into offering this “service”. The PSA is currently investigating. If payments have been taken recently, this is a worrying development.

      1. Hello Paul. The last payment taken was 17th September 2019. They have taken down their Bodyin8 website since then. My first letter to Well Fitness Limited was sent by signed for delivery on 1st October and this was not returned back to me. But the claim was returned. It was actually the court who forwarded the unserved claim to me. When I phoned the court they said it was up to me to find the correct address and they can do nothing if the letter is returned back. I made sure it had been sent to the correct address as on Companies house. The claim is valid so what do I do next?

        1. I think you need to go back to the court. It sounds as though someone there doesn’t understand the law. Tell them that the address provided was correct, and refer them to the record at Companies House. Tell them that it is not your problem if the company fails to provide correct details to Companies House and that a claim served at the Company’s registered address IS valid. If the company doesn’t defend your claim, you will get judgement by default. The problem then will be how to enforce it, as the company seems to have effectively disappeared. Have you approached Tap2Bill about your case? What about the Phone-paid Services Authority?

  12. Hello Paul. I will try speaking to the court again. I have not contacted Tap2Bill. The Three network had told me to contact the MPS Helpline which emailed me the details of the amount of money taken and by whom. I will contact the PSA also and update you.

    1. Hi Nitesh
      Yes, stress to the court that you gave the registered address of the company in your claim. It isn’t your problem if they fail to notify Companies House of a change of address! The law requires that the claim be served in accordance with part 6 section 6.9 of the civil procedure rules. This requires service to the registered address of the company.
      If the company choose not to defend, you should be able to request judgement by default.
      I strongly recommend talking to Tap2Bill as they were the company that handled your payment. I have correspondence from Well Fitness Ltd to the effect that they asked Tap2Bill to stop all further charges early in 2019.
      I also have statements from Well Fitness Ltd that they never received any of the proceeds of the scam, so ask Tap2Bill who they paid your money to. PSA are apparently currently investigating this case at the behest of Well Fitness Ltd.

      1. Thanks for that information about Tap2Bill. I need to go after them as they were taking money from a defunct service since March. I will post what reply I get. PSA website is hopeless. After typing complaint form and submitting it gives an error message and tells me to call them.

        1. Hi Nitesh. If you’re having problems with the PSA website, you can email your complaint to them at Make sure to tell them about the problems you had submitting your complaint online and the problems you have had communicating with Well Fitness Ltd.
          As of today the is still active, so it’s worth pursuing Well Fitness Ltd. If they have failed to respond to your enquiries, use CommsADR to lodge a complaint. . Well Fitness are listed as a member of this scheme.

          1. I managed to lodge the complaint with PSA online in the end. Awaiting their reply. I contacted Tap2Bill by email which sent the following message,

            “Please be advised that Tap2Bill Limited do not operate premium rate services directly, we provide a technical platform for merchants (the service providers) to offer their services to consumers by offering a single point of connectivity to each of the UK mobile network operators. We are able to assist in resolving any initial questions you may have and direct you to the relevant merchant to have your enquiry resolved. I can see that you are receiving text messages from Bonafide, I have blocked them from sending you anymore text messages and you should have received a free text message from Tap2Bill Limited to confirm that this service has been stopped. For your reference our merchant’s details are listed below
            Bonafide Mobile
            Email address:
            Phone number: 02071122342
            Please contact them directly to dispute your charges.”

            Who are Bonafide? I thought I was getting charged by Bodyin8 & Well Fitness Limited? It seems to be confusing

            I will lodge a complaint also with commsadr as advised.

          2. Hi Nitesh. You’re not the only one who is confused. What did the most recent text you received say? The texts should identify the “service” you are subscribed to. Bonafide mobile have nothing whatsoever to do with Bodyin8 or Well Fitness Ltd.
            If your texts identify Bodyin8 as the “service” you will need to go back and query this with Tap2Bill. Tell them when you received the texts and what they said and ask them why they are directing you to Bonafide mobile.
            If, on the other hand, your texts DO identify Bonafide Mobile, contact them and ask for a refund.
            Check your account carefully to see whether it identifies where the money has gone.
            Is it possible that you cancelled the Well Fitness subscription, but have become subscribed to another “servive” from Bonafide?
            It is essential that you correctly identify where your money has gone. I suspect that Tap2Bill haven’t read your complaint properly as it relates to charges made earlier in the year and subsequently stopped. Insist that they deal with it as you are unable to contact Well Fitness Ltd.

          1. Hello Paul, I received this reply today from the PSA …

            Dear Nitish Patel

            I write in reference to your complaint relating to the ‘Body in 8′ £3 per week subscription service operating on Payforit and the outcome of our investigation.

            After thoroughly examining the evidence the PSA identified the service to be operating in breach of our Code of Practice.

            Given the nature of the breach, the PSA has taken the decision to deal with this matter using our informal procedure and allow the provider to rectify the issue raised.
            The PSA is satisfied the provider has now rectified the issue and the service is operating compliantly.
            Refund Claims
            The provider has agreed to provide refunds to consumers who make a valid claim. Should you wish to discuss a refund you will need to contact the provider directly and should specifically state you have been referred by the PSA with your case reference number CAS-152032-C5F9R3. Please note you may be asked to provide a copy of your phone bill highlighting the relevant premium rate charges before a refund is issued.
            Provider Details:

            Well Fitness Limited


            Phone: 0330 053 8661

            If you have any further questions or information about your complaint, please contact our helpline on 0300 30 300 20 between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Please ensure you have your case reference number to hand before calling.

            Kind regards
            The Phone-paid Services Authority

          2. Hi again Nitesh

            That’s interesting. I suggest that in the first instance you contact MPS helpline, using the information given in the PSA email. We’ll see if they refund. If they don’t, you will then need to go back to PSA and provide them with evidence of the refusal to refund. You can then insist that they take matters further, or face a formal complaint from you about their handling of the matter.
            I have information relating to this scam which I am unable to post publicly. Would you mind if I emailed you directly with this?
            I shall also send a copy of the email from PSA to the director of Well Fitness Ltd, who claim to have received no income from the “service”.

    2. Hi Paul I have had money taken for the last 2 years on my two phone contracts and I am in the process of taking them to small claims courts. I feel silly even writing this but the final straw came when I checked my bills only to find they are still taking money on my o2 and Vodafone bills! How is this even allowed to happen when I never even subscribed to them?

      1. Hi Charlene

        How far have you got with the Small Claims process? I wouldn’t recommend pursuing Well Fitness Ltd as they already have a number of unsatisfied CCJs against them. Better to go after Tap2Bill Ltd who operate the 83463 shortcode. You can also try using CommsADR, but so far there have been few good reports about them.
        Also make sure that you report the service to the Phone-paid Services Authority.
        Would you be interested in discussing your case on the phone, as I have a lot of information about Bodyin8 that I don’t want to put in the public domain. Email me at if interested and I’ll give you a phone number.


  13. I have just discovered that Bodyin8 have been taking £3 a week from me for at least a year. Just thought I’d let you know that the last payment I can see going out is 8th November- looking at my bills it seems to go out every Friday, so probably has come put on the 15th & 22nd too, I just can’t see that bill yet. Hopefully, I can STOP ALL if I receive a text on Friday.

    1. Hi Rebecca
      Please make sure you report this to the Phone-paid Services Authority.
      The Bodyin8 website closed several months ago, so there is no way that these payments should have been taken. Also, raise a complaint with Tap2Bill Ltd on 0333 003 0599 email: Tell them that not only did you never consent to the payments, but that the “service” you were paying or closed months ago! Keep me informed an I’ll try to offer further help. Which network are you with?

      1. I’m with Three mobile. I’ll do all of that, thanks. I’ve just checked with them and I have been charged on the 15th, 22nd and 29th Nov & no text even received! Three have now stopped the charges after I spoke to them today, and have given me £100.

        1. Good news that Three have given you a partial refund. I suggest that you approach Tap2Bill for the rest. Tell them that Well Fitness Ltd aren’t responding to communications and that they already have a number of unsatisfied CCJs resulting from this fraudulent “service”. There’s not much point in pursuing Well Fitness Ltd, as I suspect they will go bankrupt. Tell Tap2Bill you will pursue them through the Small Claims court if they don’t compensate you. Ask for evidence that the charges they processed were lawful. Also make sure that the Phone-paid Services Authority are kept in the loop as they are currently investigating Bodyin8.

  14. Guys

    I realise the letter before action and court system is the ‘correct’ way to do it, but I just got my phone provider, Vodafone, to reimburse me. Just kept going up the chain of command at the call centre – whenever they said they couldn’t repay me I’d ask for their manager, and so on. I argued I had no financial relationship with MPS Helpline or bodyin8 or Well Fitness Ltd, but only a financial relationship with Vodafone. I said this meant Vodafone should refund me and then they could seek redress from Well Fitness for their loss. Eventually Vodafone refunded in full. (Previously, MPS had continually refused to give me what I regard as the only evidence I signed up, a URL of my signup page.)

    1. You were fortunate both in being with Vodafone, and having been with them for a long time. How willing network are to refund these fraudulent charges tends to depend on how much they value your business. Some networks have a better record than others in this respect. Three and O2 very rarely help, with EE and Vodafone being somewhat more helpful. You should certainly try to get your network to help and escalate your complaint as far as possible. However, if they don’t refund, it is difficult to take legal action against the network. They have deep pockets and a vested interest in maintaining the ability to distance themselves from Payforit fraud, so expect a fight!

      The problem is that the system deliberately makes it unclear where the legal responsibility lies for proving that the charges are lawful. Under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, the burden of proof rests with the service provider to prove that the charge was lawful. If they can’t do that, you are entitled to a full refund, together with any costs you have incurred in obtaining it.
      The regulator says that it is the service provider that is responsible, but it is also possible to take action against the level 1 provider (Tap2Bill in this case), or even your network. I’d be interested to her from anyone who has taken legal action against a party other than the service provider.

  15. I also found out earlier this year that i had been scammed for a while by this company and did not realise as i had blocked the email and not paid proper attention to my Phone bill.

    I did contact MPS Helpline who did not help, and was directed to commsadr team i put my case forward and have surprise surprise lost.

    My phone provider is 3 is it worth me going to them it’s been few months since I put my case forward. I have not got to 3 yet for the money. All though all payments have been stooped. I would still like to retrieve my money. Don’t know what to do next.

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