Recent Nuyoo Complaints


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  1. Totally scammed by these guys for two months- luckily I spotted their text. Vodafone were not very helpful (put a bar on all further payments) but I contacted NuYoo (via their call centre- via email- not the expensive phone line). Pointed out I had not signed up, I had not hadn’t received any goods or services from them and also they ONLY had my mobile number (not my email or any other details) so how could I have signed up through two step verification process?

    Success- an MCOM payment via a text to pick up £18 at the post office which I did today. I will also follow up with complaint to Vodafone (how COULD they let this happen) and to the regulator re. NuYoo

  2. @nuyoo_fitness
    Its still happening now in October 2018, they need to be stopped. Charging people £3 per week without consent. #scam

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