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  1. Totally scammed by these guys for two months- luckily I spotted their text. Vodafone were not very helpful (put a bar on all further payments) but I contacted NuYoo (via their call centre- via email- not the expensive phone line). Pointed out I had not signed up, I had not hadn’t received any goods or services from them and also they ONLY had my mobile number (not my email or any other details) so how could I have signed up through two step verification process?

    Success- an MCOM payment via a text to pick up £18 at the post office which I did today. I will also follow up with complaint to Vodafone (how COULD they let this happen) and to the regulator re. NuYoo

  2. @nuyoo_fitness
    Its still happening now in October 2018, they need to be stopped. Charging people £3 per week without consent. #scam

  3. As of March 2019, this is still happening.

    I am in the lengthy and dull process of trying to get a refund. My story is exactly the same as the above.

    I have had a couple of emails back from their claims department, explaining (and I quote here) “The promotion is advertised across the internet using a range of ad spaces, such as banners.
    Upon accessing the promotion, the offer page displayed a large button that stated ‘Subscribe Now’ in order to gain access to your personalised weekly workouts and meal plans. Clearly stated directly above the subscribe button was the £3 per week charge for the service, with the first 24 hours being free. Once the Subscribe Now button was clicked the page refreshed to show another large button that prompted you to confirm your entry, again this advised you clearly of the charges directly above the button. The following page then confirmed that your subscription had been confirmed and the page refreshed asking you to continue to the Nuyoo website to start your fitness journey.”

    NONE of the above took place! I received no information about this ‘service’, nor have a supplied them with any further details. All that happened was I received a text one day from Nuyoo Fitness, presumed (now i feel foolishly) that it was spam/fising text and deleted it and blocked the number. And here we are.

    It should NOT be this easy for them to take money from you with just a mobile number- and for what??
    I had no knowledge of ‘Nuyoo fitness’ or what they provide.

    This case is still ongoing.

  4. Rob,

    Don’t waste time arguing with Nuyoo Fitness. They are prolific scammers and there is plenty of evidence of that. Send them a letter before action giving them a deadline by which to give a full refund. If they don’t do so, pursue the matter through the Small Claims court. How much money have you had taken? Payforit has a 120 day rule which means that your subscription should have been cancelled if you didn’t use the “service” for 120 days.

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