Is the Phone-paid Services Authority dealing with your complaint?

There have been a number of reports of the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) refusing to log complaints. Please leave a comment on here if you experience this problem.

If you have been signed up to a service without giving clear consent, then the PSA Code of Conduct has not been followed. The process of signing up to one of these ‘services’ should, as a minimum be  two step process involving a paayment screen and a confirmation screen. These screens should clearly state the charges which you are agreeing to.

The problem is that scammers have found ways of obfuscating these screens behind other frames, so that you can’t see what you are really clicking on. There has also been a spate of rogue Android Apps which are able to sign you up to these services without you even knowing.

The PSA will tell you to ask for evidence of when and how you signed up to the scam service. That is certainly a legitimate request, but even if the ‘service provider’ is able to provide this, it doesn’t mean you haven’t been scammed. It is a complex process to find out exactly how these scams work, which is one of the reasons why PSA take so long in their investigations.

If PSA try to fob you off in this way, ask them directly whether they are calling a liar. You say you did not give consent. Their Code of Conduct says that service providers must obtain consent. So either you are a liar, or the Code of Conduct has been broken.

Remember to leave a review of PSA on Facebook.

With the demise of Payforit, and a PSA consultation on a new Code of Practice for Phone-paid Services, we have decided to launch the Phone-paid Services Consumer Group (PSCG). You can visit the new website by clicking here. IF you need help, please contact us via the contact link on the new website.
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