SB7 Limited and Trustpilot

SB7 Limited (the company behind the Nuyoo ‘Payforit’ scam) are currently trying to get negative reviews removed by Trustpilot, for breaching Truspilot’s guidelines.
To be fair to Trustpilot, some of these reviews, posted by angry consumers in the heat of the moment did use bad language and terminology which might be hard to justify legally. I can understand consumers calling SB7 mobile thieves, but it is probably better to say that they took money without consent!

One reviewer whose review is reproduced below has repeatedly amended his review, to comply with Trustpilot’s guidelines, only to have it objected to again. This is now getting ridiculous.

The post, produced below, is a potentially valuable resource for consumers, which Trustpilot are now denying access to.

Whilst the accusation that a phone number was obtained ‘illicitly’ might be regarded as a serious accusation, it is substantiated by the fact that the company paid the full amount taken plus court fees in order to avoid having to defend their position in court. I can see little else in the review that justifies its removal. I certainly don’t see any ‘offensive remarks’. I invite Trustpilot to identify what the problem is, but am beginning to wonder how much they have been paid by SB7 Mobile to silence justified criticism.

An Update I hope this post helps someone regarding SB7.
I have suffered the shock of this company debiting my account to the tune of £300. I did manage to fix it though, here’s how.
Bit of history.
I first noticed this company had been debiting my bank account in March 2018, on closer inspection of my O2 invoices it became clear that this company had been debiting my account since 2016.
I had given my wife my old iPhone 4 after an upgrade to the then newer iPhone 7 sometime around 2015-16. My wife only wanted the phone for emergencies as she is a technophobe. I purchased her a simple sim with free text small amount data etc. she was very happy with it. Being a technophobe, I always advised my wife to simply delete any messages or text she didn’t recognize for security. I never felt the need to check my account with O2 as she rarely used it to phone many friends, it was only my phone I kept an eye on online. Until by chance I viewed my account for her number in March 2018. Ouch.
On viewing invoice history, it became apparent SB7 mobile Ltd had been debiting for texts sent to her number since 2016 @£4.50 per text? Sometimes 5 texts a month. Grrr. I was very angry.
The Fix (Tip: stay calm stay civil)
I composed a letter to this company demanding a refund for the monies debited from my account. I complained that they had obtained her mobile number illicitly and underhandedly.
I advised that if I had no reply within 7 days to my complaint I would pursue a claim through county courts. I had no reply from this company to the request sent.
I made a claim to the county court regarding this matter around 16th March 2018. On the 23rd March 2018, I received via post confirmation of my claim through the post from the County court.
The same day I also received the first answer from SB7 regarding my complaint with an offer of £180 as compensation without excepting responsibility. I refused stating that I had already started a court summons and that it was my intention to pursue full settlement of my account debits plus the expense of the court £325.27.
SB7 subsequently revised their offer to compensate for the full amount £325.27 to be paid via the post office message system. I agreed to this on the proviso that I would only close my claim with the courts on receipt of cash owed.
So, I now await the post office text message from SB7 mobile Ltd for a full refund.
Advice for you if you want to recover monies owed by unscrupulous companies.
Be polite but firm, state your complaint by e-mail, request a resolution, give 7 days’ notice. If you get no answer take out a court summons, you can do this online (£25).
Do a search google (for company info Directors etc) Glean a home address for a director or Directors and include this address within your county court claim.
Hope this info helps someone, if I can do it so can you!

in an ideal world I would we would all be checking our accounts regularly.
Unfortunately, most of us live in the real world where we are just trying to earn a living and get on with our daily lives. I, for example, have a joint account with my wife? There is no way I’m going to start challenging her for any expenses she makes? Lol
This isn’t about debiting large amounts of cash from individuals although this can happen as I have proved!
This is about understanding modern lifestyle and Volume? By these companies.
How they glean our phone numbers is irrelevant, but they have them? They have probably purchased them via a data exchange. Who knows.
I am betting nobody here with a complaint will bother to peruse a claim if it is of small amount let’s say £10 or even £20? Most people will text STOP to the relevant number and that will be that. A few of us will contact the company directly to complain and may receive compensation. But not many? These companies know that.
It’s the sheer volume of customers who have had this type of attack that matters? You can prove this searching google for company information and viewing the turnover? Unbelievable!
What’s needed is proper regulation by government and accountability by this type of company.
Update 22nd June 2018
I have today received an email from customer support at Trustpilot after a complaint from SB7 mobile regarding specific wording within my post. I have edited my post to comply with Trustpilot’s terms and conditions as requested.
Thank you Trustpilot your service is excellent I can’t praise you enough.
I can also advise that SB7 Mobile (or associated companies) Paid the debt in full after my complaint. Thank You.
7th July 2018
Received another email from the Trustpilot compliance team advising my post contained offensive remarks?. Begining to see a trend here where these companies take offense at our postings and complain? they then raise a compliance issue in the hope Trustpilot remove the post?

I shall try to retrieve other reviews when they are posted and will repost them on here when they are removed from Trustpilot, so that readers can decide for themselves whether the removal was justified.

If your review is one of those that has been removed, please amend and resubmit it. Don’t use bad language and avoid calling the company thieves or crooks. Just state the facts and let them speak for themselves.

27 Replies to “SB7 Limited and Trustpilot”

  1. The reviews keep disappearing as fast as they go up. I understand if the review is making a direct accusation of criminal behaviour (which quite a few were to be fair) but an awful lot are simply describing what has happened! Trustpilot then spend at least a week reviewing the resubmitted reviews so SB7 are being quite effective in silencing their critics (victims).

    I have given Trustpilot a negative review now (which they were very quick to respond to). I suggest maybe everyone effected does the same.

  2. Just seen these two on trustpilot:

    joe m

    This is a scam
    This is a scam, pure and simple. They have somehow obtained my mobile number, probably through accidentally clicking on pop-up add, and have charged me for service I never willingly entered into for. It is astonishing to me that the mobile phone companies seem to allow this to happen.

    I received a text saying I had been signed up for the service, telling me to text STOP back if I wanted to opt out. Despite doing this repeatedly I was still charged.

    When I’ve tried to get in touch to demand they unsubscribe and refund me the numbers have not worked or left me on hold before saying there’s no one to take my call. When I finally got through to someone they just said they could not give a refund and gave me an email address instead.

    Trying the email now, if that doesn’t work I’ll be going through the courts instead.


    This is a scam
    This is a scam – a weekly charge of £3 added to my account without my knowledge for NuYoo. They have stolen over £108. When I contacted Three Mobile (who have actually been charging me) they just look to pass the buck to SB7 Mobile.

    This has to be stopped and it is an outrage the mobile companies are doing nothing to protect their customers, and the regulator is not closing these sites down.

  3. Both perfectly resonable reviews. I can guarantee these will be taken down within 12 hours for the word “scam”. No-one is going to get to hear about these bastards.

  4. They are still up after 23 hours!

    Here is another one that uses the words “scam” and “shady” I’m sure it will get taken down soon as well:

    Ross Edmond

    Utter scam
    Utter scam. Have been being charged £12 monthly for 7 months having naively assumed a “Text STOP” message was a scam given that I hadn’t signed up for anything, when in reality these hucksters had started charging me money. Currently dealing with their obviously nightmarish customer service to get a refund.

    If you’re affected by this hassle them constantly, threaten them with court. If it comes to it they will obviously lose given their shady business practices.

  5. They got there in the end. Everyone that used the word scam or scammers has had their review taken down. My edited review has still not been reviewed and reposted by Trustpilot after 3 weeks now too. Not a lot of point using TrustPilot for anything.

  6. Two more:

    gary moult
    5 reviews
    Published 14 hours ago
    Beware of these scam artists.
    This company (operating under the name Nuyoo) send out mass spam sms’s telling you that you have joined their ‘fitness programme’ at £3 a week. Texting back STOP doesn’t stop them and they then continue to take your money for a service (which you won’t receive either) that you never asked for. I have reported them to the Phone paid Service Authority and in my opinion what they are doing is theft and should be reported to the Police. Just Google Nuyoo scam and you’ll see what I mean.

    1 review
    Published 104 minutes ago
    What a disgrace
    This company started taking £4.50 per week from my girlfriend’s O2 account from June – July 2018 without her permission. She has no idea who they are or how they got her details and she definitely never requested whatever service they pretend to provide. Extremely disgusting behaviour.

    I think Gary’s review will get removed pretty sharpish (despite the fact I agree with it entirely!). Dan’s review is bang on the money and should stay… we shall see…

    1. Both of those taken down now. Including Dan’s review. How the hell can we honestly review these crooks?

      New one up:
      Mark Williams
      1 review
      Published 3 hours ago
      Fraudulent company previously…
      Fraudulent company previously sanctioned. Sets customers up on contracts using links advertising other things and only notifies them weeks later after multiples charges applied. Network providers such as O2 should refuse to deal with such companies but fail to step up and let their customers take the brunt.

      But will be down quickly for the use of the word “Fraudulent”

  7. Well well well. After a spate of negative reviews SB7mobile appears to have disappeared from Trustpilot….

  8. They’ve taken my review down again. This is outrageous.

    Here is my review (only just recently re-approved) in full that SB7 have just objected to and Trustpilot are “investigating”:

    USERS BEWARE: Nuyoo Fitness.
    This company is responsible for Nuyoo Fitness.

    My experience is that they or a third party acting on their behalf appear not to be following the regulatory guidelines and their own published procedures for obtaining subscriptions to their service.

    Their business model is to “subscribe” people to their “service” and then charge them £3 a week to receive texts from them which are charged through their mobile phone bill. They claim the “subscription” process involves active consent from the user involving a double confirmation. In my experience IT DOES NOT. I was “subscribed” to their service with absolutely no ad clicking, banner clicking or confirmation whatsoever. I started getting texts from them but AS I HADN’T SUBSCRIBED TO THEM IN ANY WAY I treated them like any other random spam text and ignored them. Unfortunately these messages were costing me £3 a time. As I had not consented to this “service” they would appear not to be adhering to their own terms and conditions and the terms of the regulatory framework they supposedly operate under.

    I would invite other users to draw their own conclusions about this company and the ethics of their behaviour based on my experiences. My advice would be to avoid them and immediately contact your mobile operator if you receive any suspicious texts and pursue the company and your network relentlessly for a full refund.

    1. I stand by this review in full. I’m not toning it down. I will not remove anything. It states what my experience is without accusing them of a crime. I’m sick of this weasel company and TrustPilot’s spinelessness.

      1. Apparently they objected to this line:
        ” they or a third party acting on their behalf appear not to be following the regulatory guidelines ”

        I think that line is perfectly reasonable!

        Anyway I have edited the review – Trustpilot will take a few weeks to get round to checking it – it will go up for a day, SB7 will make another BS objection and down it will come again… Here it is:

        This company is responsible for Nuyoo Fitness.

        *** I have subtly edited the following paragraph 3 times now due to complaints from SB7 that it is defamatory but it is essential to my honest review. Please draw your own conclusions about this ***
        Nuyoo operate a PayForIt service that is regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA). The PSA describes the process that is to be followed for obtaining informed consent for PayForIt subscriptions. The Nuyoo website also describes the subscription mechanism for it’s service (in accordance to the PSA process) which is that the action of clicking on an advertising banner should bring the user to a landing page describing the service and changes and ask the user to confirm opting in with two confirmation screens. My experience is that this process did not happen. I cannot write an honest review without making this point. I am not accusing anyone of a crime I am stating my experience. Please draw your own conclusions based on my experience.

        Their business model is to obtain subscriptions to their service and then charge subscribers £3 a week to receive texts which are charged through their mobile phone bill. As I have mentioned above they state that the “subscription” process involves active consent from the user involving a double confirmation. In my experience IT DOES NOT. I was “subscribed” to their service with absolutely no ad clicking, banner clicking or confirmation whatsoever. I started getting texts from them but AS I HADN’T SUBSCRIBED TO THEM IN ANY WAY I treated them like any other random spam text and ignored them. Unfortunately these messages were costing me £3 a time. As I had not consented to this “service” I would invite people to draw their own conclusions.

        I would invite other users to draw their own conclusions about this company and their behaviour based on my experiences. My advice would be to avoid them and immediately contact your mobile operator if you receive any suspicious texts and pursue the company and your network relentlessly for a full refund.

  9. I have just put in reviews of Mymediagames and Fitguru. They have one star and I have used the word scam on both. I had the misfortune of viewing a Fitguru YOUTUBE video and it was awful, the term I used on the Trustpilot review was S****!

    I do not intend removing my reviews. I did notice the term ‘thieves’ used for Fitguru, and seems to have been there for a while.

    Trustpilot should stand up for themselves and not be pressured by these parasites; it is up to the scammers to prove we are all lying!!!

    1. Unfortunately Trustpilot receives its funding from subscribing companies. I have written to TP with reference to this and suggest that they have a vested interest in not removing SB7 from their site. In point of fact SB7 are dictating to TP their own interpretation of TPs terms.
      Although I have the greatest respect for the ethos of TP they must “man (or woman) up” on this issue. They sent me a very polite reply but saying that they can’t comment on ongoing investigations – we await results of this!
      In the meantime on the first page of SB7s reviews of 20 reviews they have now referred 11. This is unbelievable and I have not come across any other subscribing organisations that adopt, let alone get away with this approach even when given all 1* reviews. Two days ago I wrote a report to this effect on TP so let’s see how quickly they try to remove this.
      I also reported them to the PSA (Phone pay Services Authority) who were at the time looking into SB7 yet again having previously fined them. SB7 obviously have such a high profit margin (every thing in and nothing out) that this was no deterrent. PSA advised them to refund all complainants (!) and that they had ruled that SB7 were to produce an action plan with respect to their “targeted advertising”. I replied to PSA that this was the least of the problem and that they should be looking into their actual practices. The reply was the same as from TP that they can’t comment about ongoing investigations.
      I also wrote to the head office of my mobile service provider (Vodafone) and had a very proactive response. Maybe because I raised the questionability of Vodafone’s involvement with PayforIt! They have refunded, what was only two weeks £4.50 payments, to my mobile account and are invoking an internal inquiry. Full marks to Vodafone,
      SB7 offered to refund me on the back of the PSAs ruling and asked me to send them a copy of a phone bill with my number and details for the refund to be made. This I did in good faith only to receive a second email asking me to fill in an online form so that they could issue a text message with a code to take to the post office to be given the refund – THERE WAS NO WAY WAS GOING TO BE INVOLVED IN FURTHER MESSAGES FROM THESE CHARLATANS!
      I have ignored their instruction and taken the refund from Vodafone.

      1. Guess what – they have finally got round to reporting my inoffensive review. I shall see how TrustPilot responds but if negative I will report SB7 to Trustpilot for breaching their own companies guidelines – a point I have already made to TP. The guidelines make very interesting and appropriate (for us) points.
        If TP are not supportive I feel a negative review of them coming up which is a pity as the TP concept is superb.

  10. we need to spread the word about getting bad reviews on Trust Pilot and any other review website.

    The fact we cannot contact an address, for many, like My Media Games (My Media Scams), is of concern. Do the phone companies even have the address of the scammers? TxtNation, who send the messages for MMG and probably others, must have and must be complicit themselves. this must be included in future reviews. Perhaps it is time to review Txtnation; they DO have an address and even a named director.

  11. I have put in TWO poor reviews for Txtnation and nothing was said! My other reviews were still there last time I looked.

  12. I suspect that ALL these ‘billing’ companies, SB7, TxtNation and Tap2bill are all thieves, or at least an accomplice to the theft. They should be shut down.

    I told the scammers I wanted payment to Breast Cancer Care, with a link, as I had 3rd party billing barred and I don’t want the scum accessing my bank details. The scammers refused to pay, even to a charity!!!!

    This disgrace to the phone industry has gone on for at least 10 years.

    I set up a petition, ‘Ban the Scam’,

  13. When I encountered issues with SB7s responses on TrustPilot I wrote to TrustPilot Compliance expressing my concerns. It is only now that I realise that TrustPilot actually has guidance for reviewers who are targeted by companies in this respect. Below is the web link to this and a couple of relevant quotes.

    TrustPilot “How do we address misuse of our reporting function”

    Reporting genuine reviews that comply with our guidelines in order to have these reviews removed
    Example: The director of Company A logs into her company’s Business Account on Trustpilot and reports the worst reviews about her company so that they are made temporarily unavailable on the Trustpilot platform, pending investigation. None of the reviews actually contravene Trustpilot’s User Guidelines, so the director makes up a reason for reporting them.

    Re-reporting the same review, when it has already been assessed as meeting our User Guidelines
    Example: Company A’s director re-reports some of the negative 1-star reviews she flagged last month so that they are taken offline again. There is no valid reason for reporting these reviews again – it’s just that the director doesn’t want her customers and potential customers to see them.

    The bottom line is we should meet like with like and should report SB7 to TrustPilot for their abuse of the ethos of the TrustPilot Community. Just don’t swear or call them thieves – no matter how relevant and tempting! If enough victims do this maybe we can get SB7 removed from TrustPilot- the only downside would be that reviews regarding their activities would then not be there for all to see. However, in many respects with their blocking of reviews this happens in any case. There are still plenty of reference in forums to their activities which show up in Google though including this much appreciated site.

    PS: regarding SB7s protracted pay back system (which I did not pursue as explained in my earlier post) the web link they gave comes up with a “404# site not found” error message. I have seen reports of this elsewhere on forums. Conspiracy theory?

  14. SB7 have now objected, supported by TrustPilot in my use of the term “entrapped subscription”. I have objected to this demand as I was “entrapped” into a “subscription” as I did not knowingly click on a link to authorise payment vis PayforIt and deleted what I thought was a spam/phishing text message from them.
    I have resubmitted my review with the phrase removed and replaced with “[REDACTED AS REQUESTED BY SB7].!! It’s the truth. I have informed TP.
    Watch this space!

    1. At the moment SB7 have not reported my edited review of 18 October 2018 back to TrustPilot but with a redacted note where the term “entrapped subscription” was, and no other editing it would have been very obvious what they were up to if they then picked up on something else from the original.
      I did officially make a complaint to TrustPilot’s Compliance Team about SB7s actions (as well as lack of) and their response was that they were investigating SB7 but could not (conveniently) comment!
      SB7 for their part still seem to be up to their tricks and TrustPilot do not seem to have placed a warning against SB7s page.

      I have placed a review of TrustPilot on TrustPilot giving them 2*. Pointed out that I had always regarded them as a reliable and trusted 5* service but with their tacit support of SB7 TP has gone down in my esteem.
      My review can be read on TrustPilot but I stated that although I can appreciate them being compliant to a “dubious” review which is referred, when such a large number of reviews is referred by SB7, as well as a rulings from the Phone-paid Services Authority, they should consider that all these reviewers must have just cause. I have also suggested that TrustPilot’s income derives from their business subscribers (at whatever tier) and therefor they bow to the demands of their paying subscribers.
      This is a dangerous strategy and could indeed, as pointed out by another reviewer, make TrustPilot complicit in any legal actions brought against SB7 and similar organisations. As has been pointed out there is a need for the regulating authorities to really tighten up (even close down) offending organisations who arguably just operate on the legal side of the boundary as current regulations allow but obviously the legal boundaries need to be clarrified in law.


  15. From: on 18/2/18 (Public Domain)
    “These mobile subscription scams are operated by SB7 Mobile Limited at Directors are Johnathan Paul Brown and John Roncalli Sammon. John Sammon can be contacted on and by post at 9 Grantham Court, 376 Richmond Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 5LH. Also by email on Other companies they operate are SB DIGITAL MEDIA LIMITED, SB MEDIA GROUP LIMITED, LOADED MOBI LLP S P TWO LIMITED, NUYOO MEDIA LIMITED. Contact their accountants AD VALOREM ACCOUNTANCY SERVICES LIMITED ON 01908 219100.”

  16. For a while the reviews of SB7 on TrustPilot were appearing “uncensored” and I was naively thinking that TP had responded to my complaint to their compliance team with respect to their perceived complicity in seemingly siding with SB7.
    Not to be! I now note that from 24 October 2018 there were a further 12 “reviews” of which 10 were reported back to compliance for breaking TPs own T&Cs!
    I have again reported SB7, as before, to TP’s compliance team as breaching their guidelines for business users. Having so done I found the following comment from TP against a review of TP on TP viz:
    “The reason Trustpilot was started was to give consumers the power of knowledge. Our CEO wanted his mum to be safe when making a purchase online, and now Trustpilot helps millions of customers make informed shopping decisions.

    We hope that by making consumer comments visible, companies will constantly improve their service with the feedback provided. We want both consumers and companies to benefit from this community.

    I hope you continue to read and write reviews.

    Trustpilot Support”

    Clearly TrustPilot’s ethos is somewhat compromised to say the least.

  17. Well these arrogant charlatans at SB7 are still “at it” and playing the compliant TrustPilot’s Compliance Team to their advantage.
    From the link to SB7’s site at the top of their TP entry I looked at their web site and found a blog which I commented on accordingly viz:

    “Time warp?
    From the blog referenced from the top of their [TrustPilot ] webpage:

    “The winners this week…
    19th February 2016
    We’ve made another three people very happy this week!”

    I may be in a time warp but I thought it was now December 2018!

    Still SB7 are always correct aren’t they though?

    21 December 2018: still the same – not updated by SB7. Maybe I should have added the words relating to dubious money taking which embarrasses them and provokes an immediate response albeit of censorship.- seems to be geared up to not letting “consumers” speak the truth

    Now 29 December 2018 and SB7 have reported my comments 2 days ago as being verboten against TP’s guidelines. However FACT their blog is still showing a 2016 “win” as current remains a FACT. “

    My additional comments on 21 December seem to have prompted a true to form response to TrustPilot who have taken my comments down – I did however access my “copy” and added the comment on 29 December 2018.
    Will be interesting to see what TP do but at least they will see my additional comment.
    Toothless TP have also still not responded to my complaint of 15 th December to them about SB7 breaching the terms and conditions of a business user. They seem to be geared up to not letting “consumers” speak the truth and letting suspect businesses, by default, censor free and honest speech. This is against the their ethos as quoted in my previous post.

  18. The comments seem to have dried up on this site now. Maybe the bastards have ground us down!

    On sb7’s Truspilot page Tahir reported 5 days ago (9/1/19) that “criminals masquerading as a business stole [his] money.” He has escalated this to the PSA and included their reply and it would appear that they are yet again investigating sb7. His review has not been removed yet.
    I personally am disturbed by TrustPilot’s seeming complicity with this organisation and wrote to TP’s CEO to this effect. I received the following reply which is somewhat economical but Ihave made my feelings known to them and their penultimate paragraph is interesting.

    Quality & Compliance (Trustpilot)
    Jan 14, 13:33 CET

    Dear Philip,

    Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

    Your email to our CEO Peter Mühlmann was forwarded to me as I am the Global Director of Compliance at Trustpilot. I understand that you have concerns regarding the way is reporting negative reviews on Trustpilot. In particular, you feel that they are manipulating the report feature in order to remove negative feedback and we in Trustpilot are being complacent in this.

    I can confirm that we at Trustpilot 100% believe that we are on a mission to make companies and users more informed about buying/service experiences, so that buyers can make better decisions and so that companies can improve their services. To do this we have created an open platform, where everyone who had an experience can post reviews immediately without any kind of moderation by Trustpilot or companies. However, in order to ensure that our platform is not being abused, we have set guidelines in place and allow both the community and companies to flag reviews that are in breach of our guidelines.

    Any company, can for free, signup for a B2B account to reply or report reviews that are in breach of our guidelines. However, we do have tools in place to monitor this report behavior. This means, we look at the total number of negative reviews being reported and the percentage of those that were reported invalid. In this case, as you have noted, SB7 are receiving a lot of reviews that contain defamatory language. However, when a review is reported, the goal of our compliance team is not to take a review offline, but rather to help reviewers understand our guidelines so they can remove a violation and get their review back online.

    As you can see on SB7’s Trustpilot page:, we are very proactive at communicating with reviewers when reviews are reported so that we can get them back online. This is also reflected in the fact that they have a 1 Star rating and a 1.1/10 Trustscore, despite the reporting of negative reviews.

    I can also confirm that we have developed and are soon going to launch (end of January) a new feature on ALL company pages on Trustpilot where the online community can see data related to how companies report reviews: number of negative reviews reported and percentages of negative reviews reported. We are also going to display number of fabricated reviews we have removed from company pages. This will create even further transparency and accountability.

    If you have more questions in regards to this, please do reply to my email and I will be happy to get back to you.

    Kind regards,
    Global Director of Q&C Operations

    Trustpilot Compliance Team

    1. Hi Philip

      Thank you for keeping us posted on this issue. Trustpilot continue to allow SB7 to remove reviews on spurious grounds, but fortunately enough of them remain to give an accurate picture of the nature of this company.
      If you want to continue the battle, you could consider submitting a response to the current PSA consultation.
      The consultation closes on 25th January. It is an excellent opportunity to draw the regulator’s attention to SB7 and possibly other companies that are defrauding consumers. I’m currently writing my own submission. My own draft is here:
      These consultations attract many responses from “the industry” and few from consumers. I’d like to try and balance it up a bit this year.

  19. SB7 do not seem to be reporting reviews at the moment but I notice that TrustPilot have introduced their company usesge report now as described in my earlier posting. Access is on the right hand pane below TrustScore on each company’s page.
    It is only compiled from 1st January so omits their earlier major violations!
    I wonder if they are cooling it because of this as well as the reported current investigation by the PSA or if TP are taking a dim view of their reporting now they are obviously collating statistics. TP would never admit this though.

    Interestingly I looked up some other companies I have had dealings with. One was a disputed poor Insurance company. Although they have had poor reviews, to their credit they have not reported any back to TP. I also note with another good company, under the “see how xxxx uses TrustPilot” there is another line which says – “xxxx subscribes to TrustPilot’s paid business services”. Obviously sb7 do not subscribe although claiming the “name”. Definitely have a cheek (politeness) don’t they!

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