Scammers – Nuyoo

In May 2018 there have been a large number of complaints about Nuyoo fitness. This is a service operated by a company called SB7 Mobile, which has has previously been fined for breaking the PSA Code of practice. The previous adjudication can be seen here.

UPDATE: This scam is continuing in to August 2018. Here are a few recent complaints, which could be referred to in a letter before action to show that, in all likelihood, Nuyoo is a signing up consumers without consent,

UPDATE: October 2019

There have been few recent complaints about Nuyoo and it currently appears to be impossible to sign up for a new Phone-paid subscriptions. They appear to have “gone legit” and now allow you to set up subscriptions via more conventional methods. This doesnt mean that eisting subscriptions have been cancelled though, and some consumers have racked up charges in three figures over the months!

They operate through a Level 1 provider called Tap2Bill who are responsible for the 83463 shortcode which is associated with quite a few of these scams.

It also seems that a large number of affected consumers are with the Three network, so I wonder whether there may be a network specific problem here.

Please leave a review of SB7 Mobile Ltd on Trustpilot.

Advice if you’ve been affected by the Nuyoo scam.

Unfortunately, the way that this works is that you have to contact SB7 and get them to stop the subscription. You should also ask for a full refund of any money they have taken. You are entitled, under Section 45(3) of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to insist that this refund is made back to the account from which it was taken. Under section 45(4) of the same act, any refund needs to be made within 14 days of it being offered and accepted.

If SB7 claim you consented to their charges, ask them for:

  • Screenshots of the subscription workflow where you were alleged to have signed up for this service.
  • A description of what the service you are supposed to have subscribed to provides? Is this a newsletter, access to a web portal?
  • Any evidence that after supposedly signing up for the service, you actually used it
  • The complete web server log of the subscription, including the User Agent strings containing all device details (browser, device type, device IP address) together with dates and times.
  • If the subscription started after 11th May 2019 and your network is O2 or GiffGaff,, auditable proof of the additional authentication used (as required to comply with O2/GiffGaff rules)
  • Full company details of the company operating the service, country of registration, full name of company, company number and registered company address.
  • Details of the Accredited Payment Intermediary(API) which handled the payment
  • Details of the company’s disputes procedure, including any ADR scheme you can refer the matter to if they fail to provide a full refund.

Remember that under UK law, where the existence of a contract is disputed, the burden of proof rests with the vendor to provide evidence of that contract. If they can’t provide that proof, the charges are unlawful and should be refunded IN FULL.

In the unlikely event that you are provided with proof, refer back to this website for advice on refuting it.

If SB7do not co-operate or do not refund in full, you can then revert to your own network, and ask them to take action under the Mobile Operators Code Of Practice for the management and operation of PFI (Payforit).  O2, EE, Three and Vodafone also have their own procedures for handling ‘Payforit’  and these are linked on this page which gives more detailed advice on how to proceed if you are refused a full refund.

Ultimately if a full refund is refused I have evidence that these companies will pay out when faced with the possibility of a claim in the small claims court. Ultimately they have to prove that you knowingly consented to the payments or make a full refund. Look here for advice on how to use the Small Claims procedure to force them to refund.

You should also complain to the Phone-paid Services Authority about the unauthorised charges. The regulator will not handle individual cases, but will take action if specific companies generate a disproportionate number of complaints. SB7 have been the subject of a number of other recent complaints.

Sample reports of the Nuyoo ‘Payforit’ scam

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by aaronmc97 in Help & Support
‎12-04-2018 00:29
Hi, I’ve been hit with a spam message, said ive apparently joined “” and received a text telling me that I’ll pay £3 a week or I can text STOP to a number, I texted STOP and it wouldn’t go…
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drpetermezes has a question about I recieved scam …
by drpetermezes in Help & Support
‎02-04-2018 22:21
I recieved the following text: FreeMsg: U have joined to get fit @ for £3.00 a week. Ur first 24 hours are free. To cancel text stop to 83463. Help? 03300535869″ Please advise

spam text

by pharmaroxxx in Help & Support
‎24-03-2018 02:27
hi, i have received a text message from an online gym company ( which wants to charge me £3 a week to recieve text messages from them. it says i have already signed up but i haven’t. what…
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Been charged £3 for unknown text
by missbarron90 in Help & Support
‎12-01-2018 17:48
Hello i received a text message the other day from 3009007 the text said paid for it charge and it took £3 off my credit i have no idea what this is and have blocked the number has anyone else had…
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51 Replies to “Scammers – Nuyoo”

  1. Scam scam Nuyoo beware of this scam Name Nuyoo it cost me a fortune I just found out that I’ve been overdraft charge from my bank they took money since February and I spoke to Their manager called Ray ID number 1235 base in Australia via phone I absolutely shocked he wasn’t professional and rude he just said you don’t get a penny refund and I asked can you tell me for what service am I paying for? He said you know better than me that’s why you activate it!!!!?????WTF????

    1. It seem that Nuyoo outsource their ‘Customer Support’ to a company in Australia called 1300Support. .
      Which network are you with?
      Harassing Nuyoo on Twitter seems to have helped some people.
      Try to deal with them in writing, as they will be more careful what they say. Ultimately the law is on your side, it’s just difficult to enforce. Don’t give up and let the scammers win!
      Also make sure to leave a review of SB7 Mobile on Trustpilot.
      People have been successful in getting a refund from Nuyoo. Follow the process described here

  2. Hello,

    You may have seen my case on Twitter. Just want to give a quick update.

    I am with Three UK and got “subscribed” (without my permission) to Nuyoo Fitness. I received texts from them now and again and because they were unsolicited (I didn’t sign up to them) I deleted them (responding to unsolicited SMS is a security risk – criminals ofter use them to “phish” for info).

    My mobile bill is fairly large anyway so I did not notice it go up and didn’t check my bills. (I fully accept this is lax of me and I would urge everyone to check their bills carefully every month but it doesn’t change the facts of the case.) When I did have a detailed check of my bill i discovered that I was being charged £3 a text for these texts and were billed under PayforIt changes to Nuyoo. They had taken a total of £96 over 6 months.

    I initially contacted Three by phone and they told me to contact Nuyoo. I phoned them, got my number removed and they gave me an email address (based in Australia – as is the phone support) to claim for a refund.

    Anyway a long email exchange ensued with them insisting I had signed up to the service with a double confirmation (I hadn’t). They offered me £15 which I rejected and after several more email exchanges they have offered me £96 without having to go to court.

    Obviously I want to actually receive the money before celebrating but I hope this gives people encouragement that they should stick to their guns and demand a full refund.

    I will update when I have the money and give full details of how I pursued my claim.

    1. Further update:

      I have received my £96 compensation. This was in the form of cash from the post office (they sent me a code which I gave to the post office in exchange for cash).

      The way I dealt with it was as follows.
      1. I rang Three. They said call Nuyoo.
      2. I called Nuyoo. I was angry but not abusive (I think this is important – it is always better to write if possible – if you have to call make sure you stay calm and just get the facts straight) The only real point of my call was to get them to take me off the “service” and ask if they would refund me. They said the refund was handled via an email address. ( who are based in Australia.
      3. I got frustrated ….not good… I called the Nuyoo again and I was very angry. I did not personally abuse the call operator, but I did swear about how appalling their company was. I don’t think this helped my case so I would suggest not doing it!
      4. I obtained the address and phone number of Nuyoo’s parent company SB7 Mobile Ltd in the UK. I called them (in a much calmer frame of mind) so simply establish that Nuyoo was an SB7 brand and made them aware of the case. I asked for a refund of course but they referred me to 1300support as before.
      5. I wrote to Three to open a complaint case.
      6. I emailed Nuyoo stating very clearly what had happened and that I had not consented and stated that the only resolution I would accept would be full £96 refund.
      7. Nuyoo replied stating that I had subscribed to their service and went on to describe the process that I had followed (which obviously I hadn’t done) and offered me a £15 goodwill gesture.
      8. I replied rejecting the £15 and detailing on a point by point basis how I had not subscribed to their service and that my claim for £96 still stood and that I would give them 14 days before I would consider legal action.
      9. They replied saying £15 was their final offer.
      10. I replied restating everything again and suggested they reconsider.
      11. They, again, replied saying £15 was their final offer.
      12. I ,again, replied restating everything and suggested they reconsider.
      13. Nuyoo called me on my mobile and then offered me a full refund of £96. Which was followed immediately by an email with a claim link.
      14. I filled in the claim and was told a text with a post office claim code for the money would be sent within 5 to 7 days.
      15. I emailed saying I had accepted the £96 and would take no further action subject to receiving the code and getting the money within 7 days.
      18. In the meantime… Three wrote back to me and said I should chase Nuyoo for a refund but also offered me £50 bill credit.
      19. Exactly 7 days after accepting the offer I received the post office claim code and got the money from the Post Office without any fuss.
      20. I have written back to Three telling them that I accept their £50 but I consider SB7 mobile and Nuyoo to be operating a fraudulent scam and that their reputation is damaged by being associated with them.

      The whole process took 12 days from first discovering the scam to receiving the money. So don’t give up!
      Put everything in writing.
      Be calm on the phone if you have to ring anyone.
      Do not accept partial payments or any responsibility – just keep restating your case.
      Make it clear you will consider legal action.

      SB7’s contact info:
      SB7 Mobile Ltd.
      SP Two Ltd
      Helpline: 0330 134 0181 (UK) or 012476141 (Republic of Ireland)

      1. I also hassled Nuyoo and Three on Twitter which may well have pushed things in the right direction.

        1. Simon
          Thank you for posting your experiences. I hope this will encourage others to pursue their own claims. Don’t let the bastards win!
          All the evidence is that the companies will settle to prevent consumers taking legal action against them. If you make your position clear from the outset, they are less likely to waste time and money arguing.

          1. Thanks Paul,

            I got this from Phone-paid Services Authority today:

            “Dear Simon

            I’m getting in touch about the complaint you filed with us recently.

            We have assessed the information you gave us and we also monitored the service. It seems there may be potential issues with this phone-paid service and therefore we are passing the case internally to our Investigations team.

            As mentioned in a previous email, depending on the complexity of the case, it may take a minimum of 16 weeks to investigate.

            In the meantime, you can contact the service provider directly to discuss the charge or ask for a potential refund. This will not affect your complaint or change the outcome of our investigation.

            The contact details of your service provider:

            SB7 Mobile Ltd

            In the meantime we are continuing our investigation and will notify you by email of any updates on your case.

            Kind regards,
            ____________ ____________
            Contact Assessment Team”

            Maybe nothing will come of it but at least they appear to be taking it seriously. Everybody please make sure you open a case with the PSA.

      2. Simon, you are a star, thank you very much for detailing all the steps you took.

        I’m about to do the exact same and try to claim back a similar amount – exactly the same thing happened to me.

        And I’ll be back to report on how I get on.

  3. SB7 SCAM
    I’ve recently checked my account via My02 to see when we are due an upgrade. As my puppy has chewed up my lasses phone. Only to find charges to my 02 account from SB7? £3
    I rang 02 and they explained that it is a subscription service to what looks to be a fitness app!
    I could only see this month’s 3 charges to the account. 02 said their is 2 more.
    So a total of 5 payments of £3 luckily for me I have seen it when I did £15 is nothing to what I have read online about this company.
    02 have me the contact details and a STOP text number to send.
    I sent the text OBVIOUSLY!
    I emailed the company highlighting the fact that I did not agree to ANY subscription. And didn’t even know who they were.
    An that if it wasn’t for my puppy chewing the phone these charges would have gone on til God knows when!
    I was TOLD that I had been onto a website nuyoo? and subscribed to the fitness service and that my number was out into there system and not only that, that I had ticked a box,the page apparently refreshes and confirms the subscription THEN I agree again and confirm.
    Well am pretty sure if I did allllll that I Wouldn’t be on the bloody phone kicking off about £15 QUID !!
    I was TOLD that I was not entitled to a refund as it was over the 14 days.
    I replied HOW can I cancel something I DIDN’T SUBSCRIBE TO within 14 days IF I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT !
    They even gave me a date and TIME I supposedly subscribed.
    I was told that text messages were sent upon the confirmation of the subscription. And I was sent texts to STOP if I didn’t want the service.
    How can I prove I didnt get them? 02 dont save texts.
    I have no call logs to the company on the dates they say I subscribed.
    Yet I have call logs to other numbers that day!?
    I rang 02 back and explained the situation as I had be told it. And was told nothing much they could so other than contact the company for them to speak to me about a refund.
    But I’ve already been down that road.
    So asked if they could do a blanket ban on all my phone’s so I was not subjected to another CON that I was not going to be aware of.
    This was done immediately.
    After looking into all the scams with this company the PSA website says that the company that anyone subscribes to online as a payfoit service via apps and so on MUST take a photo shot of the customers subscript page at the time it was taken rang their number again for a call back, to demand a copy of all these screen shots.
    Not that I think it’s going to change the outcome.

    02 And other phone providers should follow the process of banks.
    Where if a new direct debit is set up you get a text/email to say if this is right do nothing,but if this isn’t please get in touch.

    It’s not rocket science.
    But would save people hundreds. And would help stop all the scams.

    1. Hi John

      Welcome to the world of ‘Payforit’ scams. As you will have seen on the website, you are not alone in being scammed by Nuyoo.

      You are entitled to a refund. Even if they have the relevant screenshots of your supposed subscription, there is ample evidence that many of these are being caused by malware on Android phones. Thus the screenshots are not proof of consent, they are only proof that a message was sent to them from your phone. They do nothing, because the subscription screen would not have been seen by you if the subscription was initiated by a rogue web page or malware.
      You will see from other comments, that Nuyoo will refund when put under pressure. If need be, sent them a letter before action, modeled on the letter on this page. Make them believe that you will pursue the matter to the Small Claims Court if necessary. So far they always have refunded at this point.
      Also make sure you leave a review of SB7 Limited on Trustpilot.

      Also make sure you report Nuyoo to the Phone-paid Services Authority(PSA). By now they must have a mountain of complaints about this ‘service’, but one more might help tip the balance and make them actually do something!
      The PSA is about to review the rules for these ‘subscription’ services. There will be a public consultation and I’d like as many scammed consumers as possible to respond. I’ll post details on the website when available.

      You should be sent a text when you subscribe to one of these services, and Nuyoo could be asked for a log to prove it was sent to O2. O2 should then have a log to prove it was received on your phone. One problem with this system is that if you have a ‘premium rate’ bar on your phone it can stop you from seeing these subscription texts. Also, the texts themselves often look like spam and users ignore them. Whether or not you received these texts is immaterial in any event.

      Concentrate your claim against SB7 limited on the argument that you never knowingly consented to the subscription and that you never saw the subscription page or the confirmation page. You could also ask them whether they have any proof that, having paid for a subscription, you then used the service. You believe that you were fraudulently subscribed. They will back down and pay up if you are persistent.

  4. 3 refunded 100% to me adding credit. had spoken with nuyoo first but they offer me less than 10% refund. so spoken with three afterward . help me refund 100%. happy with 3. for those whose is still affected by nuyoo please be aware. and speak with your network as soon as possible ( in phone )

  5. A quick note for people using TrustPilot.

    My review on TRustPilot haqs just been taken down along with pretty much everyone elses because SB7 have complained.

    They do have reasonable grounds for complaint. Mine was blocked because I used the following terms:
    _“**Criminal Fraudsters**”_

    TrustPilot have to be very careful what they publish and much as I would “like” to say these things a review site has to remain impartial and not make potentially libellous accusations. I am going to change my review to make perfectly clear what they have done without using those words.

    Everyone else should get over there and either leave a new review or edit their previous one because, like I said, they have taken down most of them!

    1. I’m viewing this as good news because obviously SB7 are taking notice of these complaints and feeling the need to defend their reputation. So if people can make good honest reviews about their experiences without make direct accusations of criminal behaviour or using abusive language it will clearly have an impact.

  6. Another customer being affected by the scam. Charged me £3 per week since beginning of may 18. Will call them and they may charge me for call or text. Never signed a contract or just realized that the over charge in my phone bills.
    Could you kindly get back to me. How to get me refund

    1. All the information you need for getting a refund is on this website. Phone Nuyoo. The number can be called using included minutes in phone packages.Tell them you never consented to their charges and that you want them to stop charging you and refund the money they have already taken. If they refuse a refund, send a letter before action, giving them 3 weeks to refund. Details of how to do this are here:I’m not getting anywhere with my case
      If they don’t pay up take them to court. You should be able to recover your money and any court fees. So far they have always paid up before the matter gets anywhere near court.
      Make sure you also report the matter to the Phone-paid Services Authority. Also leave a review of SB7 Mobile on Trustpilot. This may help encourage them to refund.

  7. My updated review on TrustPilot has been rejected again:

    “Your review contains accusations or statements that are potentially defamatory. We welcome all genuine reviews on Trustpilot – including negative reviews about an unsatisfactory experience. But we can’t allow statements that risk causing offence to people, violate our rules and may also break the law. Please edit your review to remove:

    *“have not followed the applicable laws and regulations”*

    I am going to object to Trustpilot now. The full paragraph is as follows:

    “My experience is that they or a third party acting on their behalf have not followed the applicable laws and regulations for obtaining subscriptions to their service.”

    I want to be able to say that as closely as possible.

    1. All reviews but one on TrustPilot have now been taken down after SB7 reported them. An awful lot of them I could not see what the problem with the language was. I think SB7 are operating a policy of reporting all of them and TrustPilot are taking them down pending review.

      1. Really rather disgusted with Trustpilot now. If they are going to censor reviews to this extent they become worthless. They are allowing SB7 to abuse their reporting system.

        1. Totally agree. I’m not happy at all. I agree with their initial review when I actually called them fraudsters and thieves etc. but they have rejected my updated review that simply describes what happened. They also taken down at least two others that were completely objective reviews of a bad experience with a company. If we can’t honestly describe what is happening what is the point?

          The only consolation is that the rating stays even if the words don’t. Small consolation though.

  8. never really check my phone bill ,but last week i happened to see it was 27 pounds a month more than it should be, contacted voda fone to enquire about it they told me i had subscribed to ifitness and nuyoo which was news to me .got in touch with them they said i had clicked on an add and had signed up for it that was last july, they said they have sent texts reminding me i was a member but i never opened them thought it was just junk mail so they have stolen at least 240 pounds from my account and because i recieved texts they will not refund me they have made a one off payment of 24 pounds to me wich i will get at the post office tried again to reason with them but because of those texts that i received and deleted they wont pay me anymore of my money back feel as though vodafone should be responsible for what they were charging they have washed their hands of money being taken out in their name and have not been very helpful so i have changed my supplier cant believe how easily i have been robbed and its not even a crime

    1. £240 is a lot of money and you really shouldn’t have accepted £24! Everyone who has held out for the full amount of their losses has been successful. As long as you haven’t signed anything to say that you dropped your claim in return for the money they have already paid you, you can continue to claim the rest. Send them a letter before action as detailed on this page:
      Legally the situation is that unless you knowingly consented to the charges, and they can prove it, you are entitled to a full refund.

      If they don’t respond start a small claims case (It will cost £25 which you will get back when you win). Don’t let them get away with scamming you! I’m happy to provide individual help and advice if you reach the stage of starting a small claim.

  9. hi thanks for your advice but i never really accepted 24 pounds when i contacted them to tell of my disgust and tried to explain that i had received nothing and was unaware they were taking 27 pounds a month from my account hidden behind my vodafone bill they said i had clicked on an add and by clicking i had joined they told me the date it was july last year it started, at 3 pounds a week and gradually it increased when nuyoo decided to start taking money on top of the cash ifitness were taking so it was 2 different names taking 27 pounds between them they said they can only return 1 months money as i had recieved texts and had ignored them the reason i ignored them i thought they were just pop ups and never looked at them if i had not noticed my phone bill iast week i could have ended up paying thousands under the disguise of my phone bill ,but they are adament that it was up to me to cancel but i was unaware i was being charged money for something i new nothing about

    1. What they have told you is not true. If you didn’t consent to the charges they were illegal. Whether or not you received texts is immaterial. You should insist on a full refund.

      If you pursue them they will pay up! Everyone who has pursued their case with Nuyoo has been paid in full – eventually. SB7 Mobile is a UK based company, so legal action against them (in the unlikely event it becomes necessary) is a simple matter and can be done online.
      Make sure to leave a review of SB7 Mobile Ltd on Trustpilot.

      Please don’t give up and let the scammers win.

      If you need further encouragement to pursue your losses, look here:

  10. You can always submit a complaint and request under GDPR for all of your personal data. Since they dont currently have an easy way to request this, go directly to their data protection lead at They are required to explain how they got your information and what has been done with it 🙂

  11. Nuyoo took £57 from me without my consent (Trustpilot are forcing me to change this wording as it “may cause offence” even though it’s simply a fact).
    I phoned them and they refused to refund as I was supposedly outside the 14 day grace period.
    I then phoned Three and they made an ex gratia payment of £50 but refused to pay the full amount. Three also said they were in the process of banning Nuyoo – I’m not sure if this has actually happened. They also said that PayForIt is really useful and refused my request to block any PayForIt or other third party charges to my phone account.
    I then followed the recommendations on this great website, sending a Letter Before Action. I also emailed them ( a copy of the letter and they replied within 24 hours saying the would refund the money in 2 days, using a Post Office text message. I got the money back with no further trouble.
    I did report them to the PS Authority but them seem pretty useless. Their email response suggested contacting Nuyoo to ask for a refund, despite the fact that I had told them in the original complaint that I’d already done this.

    All in all, a really painful experience but I felt obliged to follow this through for the benefit of other victims too. I hope they are closed down quickly now before they scam too many others.

    1. Thanks James. It’s always good to know when the advice here has worked. The letter you got back from Nuyoo (which you posted on Twitter) is quite interesting. It is clear that consumers are getting signed up for these services without consent, yet Nuyoo claim to have evidence of you clicking buttons to subscribe to their ‘service’.
      If we assume that what they tell you is true, there must have been some exploit used to send the relevant messages from your phone. This seems to be happening a lot at the moment. Unfortunately most consumers don’t pursue a refund in the way you have, so Nuyoo must be making a lot of money fraudulently.

      As regards PSA, did they give you a case number? Regardless of whether you get a refund, charging without consent is against their Code of Practice. PSA are funded by this ‘industry’ and are far too close to it. So they do their best to avoid recording complaints. Try not to let them do that.
      If PSA are not investigating Nuyoo, they ought to be. There have now been a constant stream of complaints about Nuyoo for nearly three months.
      Bear in mind that you can leave a review of PSA on Facebook, and if you are dissatisfied you should do so.

      Thanks again for the effort you have made to help stamp out these scams.


      1. Hi Paul,
        Yes I have got a case number from PS Authority. Not hopeful but let’s see.

  12. Have just had the pleasure of Nuyoo helping themselves to 3 pounds from my account plus whatever it costs to send the STOP text. I have not signed up to their service nor authorised any payment however this does not seem to matter. Worryingly speaking to my network provider I cannot bar premium rate SMS services and seem unwilling to protect their customers from these scams.
    How is this company allowed to continue to operate this service by the PSA?

    1. Hi Graham. Thanks for leaving a comment here about your experiences. What network are you with? O2, Vodafone and EE all claim to be able to block ‘Payforit’ charges.
      Do complain to PSA, and take them to task if they don’t take your complaint seriously. You can leave them a review on Facebook if dissatisfied. Make sure you pursue Nuyoo for a refund of any money they have taken, even if it is only a few pounds. There is no lower limit to the amount you can claim through the small claims court. Don’t let the scammers win!

  13. I was scammed by Nuyoo and others on Three Mobile.The police, Three and regulatory authorities would n`t help.Today I went to my bank today and they issued a DIRECT DEBIT INDEMNITY and within 30 seconds I was TOTALLY REIMBURSED !!! It is so easy and I am delighted.GO TO YOUR BANK !!!!!!

    1. Ian,
      You need to be careful if you refuse to pay all or part of your phone bill. Three will record this as a default which will affect your credit score. You will also lose any discount you get for paying by direct debit. Make it clear, in writing, that you dispute this amount. If the amount is small, Three will probably try to collect it next month.
      Let us know how this pans out, but I fear it may not be as simple as you think. If it’s just a few pounds, they might write it off, if its a substantial amount they will almost certainly pursue you for it, and unfortunately the law is on their side. Legally, your strongest case is against Nuyoo.


  14. Nuyoo have been taking £3 a week from my mobile account for about 8 weeks. I contacted vodafone who said all they could do was block their number. I was advised to contact Nuyoo nd ask for a refund, I tried loads of times to do this on the phone with no luck, I emailed them instead. They refused to give me a refund saying I subscribed to them on date i was not even in the country, they still insisted it was me. They are refusing me a refund.

  15. I haven’t click or register with them. They keep on sending messages and deducted £3 each time, some month 3 times and some month 4 times, fraudulent activity , easy way to make money. Should take action against this gym company and this frauds

  16. Eventually managed to get all of my money back plus court fee and costs.
    They only offered me a GWG of £27 on a £108 bill and i had to eventually issue against them using the money claim service.
    Had the money they stole, my issue fee and £25 in costs paid back to me.
    £158 in total.
    Everyone who has been stung by these cowboys must make sure they get all of their money returned. If they don’t then use the money claim service to force their hand.

    1. Well done for following the Small Claims process to get your money back. These robbers don’t want to have to defend their dubious business practices in court!

  17. As I explained above they have been taking £3 a week for about 7 weeks. I know it isn’t a lot compared to what others on here have lost. They offered me £11 refund I refused, they offered me it again said it is their final offer. Do I just accept this now?

    1. It’s up to you, of course. Have you sent a letter before action? That costs nothing.
      If the letter before action doesn’t get you a refund, you need to decide whether to use Moneyclaim Online to get a refund. It will cost you £25 to do this. The £25 can be added to your claim. So far, Nuyoo have always settled in full (including court fees) before the matter gets to court. We can help provide evidence to support your case if the matter goes to court.
      Full info about the small claims procedure, including a template letter before action is here

  18. I have finally won a full refund for NuYoo steeling money from my O2 account. It was only £39 but the principle mattered to me and I kept on rebutting their suggestion that I had subscribed up to the ‘service’ and then refused the goodwill payment offered. I used the proforma ‘letter before action’ and threatened on two occasions to go to the small claims court. Eventually (3 months after I’d first discovered the scam), loads of emails and a couple of phone calls to the ‘customer service’ line, they sent me a Post Office code for the full amount. Result, but why does it take so much effort and aggravation?
    Thanks for sharing all your stories, advice and encouragement.

  19. i have a phone for my son in my name though 3 and this has just come to light and it’s being going on since 2017 taking over £250 I’m absolutely gob smacked three have allowed it, they have given me £50 straight away and asked me to take it up with Nuyoo _ I’ve called them and they’ve told me to follow a text link they will send? I e tried tweeting them and just emailed them, what is the next step do you all suggrst? I’m very upset about it all.

    1. Forget about the £50 Three have given you. It will be an “ex gratia” payment without them taking any responsibility. Legally, the easiest way of getting a refund is to get it from SB7 Mobile Ltd (trading as Nuyoo). Ask them for a refund, but don’t waste too much time. Co-operate with any reasonable request they make, but don’t get drawn into a lengthy and fruitless argument.They will almost certainly refuse to give a FULL refund. Don’t accept anything less, but make it clear that you won’t go away and that you will take them to the Small Claims court if necessary. After receiving a refusal to refund in full, send a letter before action to SB7 Mobile giving them three weeks to give a full refund or face legal action without any further warning. This usually achieves a full refund. If it doesn’t, come back to me and I’ll help you file a case. I’d love to force them to justify their business practices in court!

      1. Thankyou for your advice they’ve tried calling me today, but my son has the phone, so I will use it to call them tomorrow and let you know what they say and follow it up with your other suggestions, appreciate your assistance. Jo

  20. Hi, this is awful – I hate these people and their scam! I think the twist that worked for me was to phone up and speak to someone rather than spend endless time sending emails as they didn’t seem to read these or send sensible responses – just kept insisting that I’d signed up for the wretched ‘service.’ This was even after I’d sent them the ‘letter before action’. Good luck.

    1. Thankyou, they said the same to me when I called, “you’ve agreed to it, I’ve cancelled your subscription” I said I want my money back in full, they said “sorry not possible” I said I’ll report you to the police and take you to court, they’ve said they’ll send me information to claim! And then they’ve tried to call, I’m going to call tomorrow see what they say, I’ll let you know, appreciate your advice. Thanks jo

    2. Alison.
      Has the deadline on your letter before action expired? If so you should waste no time in starting action through Moneyclaim Online.
      You need to make it clear that you mean business. Unless yours is a very large claim, it will cost £25 to file your claim. This can be added to the amount you claim, making SB7 Limited pay for their tardiness in settling.

      1. Thanks for your advice Paul, but the letter, threat of court action and the phone call In December seemed to do the trick and I got my full refund. The Post Office code worked fine too when I went to collect my £39!

        Hope everyone else who gets scammed by these monsters are as lucky (or as persistent) as me.


        1. That’s good news Alison. It’s always good to hear from someone who has followed the advice given here and has found that it has worked! I think the key is persistence. If they believe you will pursue the matter, they will settle. If they think they can just hold on to your money and you will give up, that’s what they will do! Well done for getting a refund!

  21. Thank you everyone for your comments which helped me get my money back through the following process:

    1- I phoned Vodafone and had future payments stopped, but they could not refund me any of the money.

    2- I phoned Nuyoo, but they tried to put the blame on me. Eventually after threatening to report them to the authorities they gave me the email address of their complaints department at SB7.

    3- SB7 offered to pay me less than half of what they had charged, as a good will gesture (!!!), on condition that I would not take matters any further. This I refused to do.

    4- I filed a complaint with the Phone-paid Services Authority. A couple of weeks later I received an email from PSA saying that SB7 would refund me in full.

    4- I emailed SB7 and subsequently received a Post Office barcode text for the full amount, which I cashed.

    Please be persistent and post your own experiences; this would help others.

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