Remote Games – Scams reported on GiffGaff during two weeks in October 2017


These report appeared during the period 16th-31st October 2017 on the GiffGaff forum. There were numerous similar reports in other forums and social media..

Phone-paid Services Agency say that there is not sufficient evidence ‘on the balance of probabilities’ that there was anything wrong! Just how much evidence would they need before it became obvious that the sign-up process for this ‘service’ was not compliant with the regulator’s Code of Practice.

Are PSA saying that all these consumers were lying, and knowingly signed up to this? This has totally destroyed any confidence I had in PSA as a regulator.

Received 2 unsolicited premium texts, at £4.50 eac…

by badgerist in Help & Support

‎31-10-2017 17:25

Hi just noticed two premium texts have taken £4.50 each out of my airtime credit (only had £10 in as I use goodybag). No idea what they are or where from, and no number listed (just a hyphen) on the …

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Remote Games/ FunnyVideos/ PayForIT scams using sh…

by muggles708 in General Discussion

‎30-10-2017 20:24

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…account by Remote Games Ltd on 31st October, despite a STOP message being sent on 27th October and being assured on the phone that there would be no charges. Phoned Remote Games Ltd twice. The first…

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HELP I am being scammed

by kimtrapese in Help & Support

‎25-10-2017 12:17

Hi there I am really desperate, £4.50 keeps getting taking of my account from 30090009 and 83463. I have texted STOP and htey take more money of me and they keep coming. what can I do Kim

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Receiving unwanted premium texts

by nairski in Help & Support

‎24-10-2017 10:46

Hi, A few weeks ago I received “FreeMsg: Thank you for subscribing to FunnyVideos for £4.50 every week from Remote Games Ltd until you text STOP to 83463, HELP?  033300535843” Also at same…

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Received Payforit Charge text without any purchase

by mister_t in Help & Support

‎21-10-2017 20:40

Last wk I had 3 texts.  First from 30090009 just stating PayForIt charge, then a 2nd  from Receipt thanking me for subscribing to Funnyvideos and I would be charged £4.50 a wk and a 3rd wit…

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Help with message 83463

by kartac2016 in Help & Support

‎20-10-2017 20:31

Hello,  Please could You help me. I received message: FreeMsg: Thank you for subscribing to FunnyVideos for £4.50 every week from Remote Games Ltd until you text STOP to 83463. HELP? 03300535843…

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Remote Games Ltd Scam at £4.50 a time Not Happy

by ernies_nan in Help & Support

‎20-10-2017 15:59

hello fellow Giff Gaff Members, I am really annoyed and frustrated as Wednesday evening I received text message on my phone telling me that an on line Company known as REMOTE GAMES LTD had kindly…

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PayForIT Charge

by cazzawozza in Help & Support

‎19-10-2017 22:57

Hi – I have been debited 4.50 twice in the last 2 hours on my phone 🙁  Any idea how I stop this? no idea where this has come from

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unwanted subscription

by morecakeplease in Help & Support

‎19-10-2017 17:59

Recieved at 10.30 today saying  FreeMSG: Thank you fo subsribing to FunnyVideos for £4.50 every week from Remote Games Ltd until you text STOP to 83463 HELP 03300535843. Please…

Weird message…

by agathia in Help & Support

‎16-10-2017 19:16

PSA were no help at all to me. Their reply stated that they could not identify the number I received, and unless I told them who had charged my phone they could not assist. I don’t know who charged t…

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I have been fraud

by kristophoros in Help & Support

‎16-10-2017 16:25

In this morning I’ve received 3 text messeges from Remote Games ltd. They took 4.50 pounds from me without any permission, claiming that I had subscibed to their service which I had not. I’ve…

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With the demise of Payforit, and a PSA consultation on a new Code of Practice for Phone-paid Services, we have decided to launch the Phone-paid Services Consumer Group (PSCG). You can visit the new website by clicking here. IF you need help, please contact us via the contact link on the new website.
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