Legal Action

The reason payforit scams are so prevalent at the moment is that the regulations in place are much to weak.


Dishonest fraudsters will always be out there, but generally people only ever commit fraud or theft if they think they can get away with it. The answer to stop pay for it scams is so simple. Make it as difficult as possible for fraud to occur but still allow merchants (Level 2 providers) who do provide a valued service to continue to grow and expand their businesses.


The easiest way to achieve this objective is to make the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) responsible for any fraudulent activity on a customers account, as long as the customer has not been negligent in any way. If this was implemented, as the industry grows and develops, the MNO’s would have ultimate responsibility to adapt their required security features to protect their customers, much like every other other payment mechanism for goods or services that exists today.


OFCOM acknowledges on their website that Rogue software can be embedded in such a way as to circumvent anyverifiable method of consumer consent to charges.