Complaining to PSA

Step 3 – Make a complaint to the Phone-paid Services Authority

If you have been signed up without consent to one of these premium rate services it really is important that you report it.

It it contrary to the PSA Code of Conduct to sign people up for these services without their consent, and these companies need to be shut down quickly. Your complaint may help others.

Before complaining you need to know the following.

  1. The premium rate service the number relates to. This can be retrieved either from your text message confirmation or your phone bill.
  2. The name of the company providing the premium rate service.
  3. Your personal details, such as your name, address and contact details.
  4. The name of your phone or mobile network.

You do not need to attach a copy of your phone bill to make a complaint to PSA.

To make a complaint:

Go to the number checker on the PSA website:

Put in the shortcode you are complaining about and click ‘Check it!’. You may need to complete a Captcha challenge in order to proceed to the next stage.

The next screen shows details of the company(s) responsible for the shortcode. Towards the bottom of the page there is ‘If you are unsatisfied with the outcome from the service provider, please get in touch with us here.’. Click on ‘here’ and you will be taken to the complaint form.

The more information you can include in your complaint, the easier it will be for PSA to take action.

If you find the online process too cumbersome you can complain by ‘phone on 0300 30 300 20 (Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5pm, excluding bank holidays). This is charged as a normal landline call.

You can also contact them via Facebook messenger.

If you still have problems making a complaint, contact me through this site for help.

After complaining to PSA you need to consider how to protect yourself from these scams in the future.

Step 4 – Protect yourself

6 Replies to “Complaining to PSA”

    1. Hi Anna
      I don’t know what form of action you intend to take. Bodyin8 will probably give you a refund, to avoid you having any legal claim against them. Whatever you do, make a complaint to PSA, even if you have received your money back. It is against the PSA Code of Practice to make these charges without consent, so complain and make sure that your complaint receives a case number. We need to be able to prove that these scams affect large numbers of consumers, and this is proving difficult because so few of them pursue a complaint.

  1. I have been scammedby bodyin8. I have never signed up for anything. They are taking £3.00per week from my Vodafone account.I have text Stop ,so will wait for a reply.

    1. Hi Lynn

      It’s probably worth giving them a ring to confirm that you are unsubscribed and to demand a refund of the money they have taken. If you don’t know how you came to be subscribed you should also make a complaint to the regulator.
      I hope you manage to sort this out. Let me know if I can offer any further help or advice,

  2. I was billed £60 before I’d even realised it. I contacted both 3 and ‘Nuyoo”, who both refused any kind of refund. I persevered with 3 and explained that I had been with them for over 10 years, etc and managed to negotiate a refund of £50 from them.

    1. I’m glad you got most of your money back, but disappointed that you didn’t insist on a full refund. There is a lot of evidence that if faced with legal action Nuyoo will pay out in full. The law is on your side. They have to prove that you genuinely consented to the fraudulent subscription. They wouldn’t be able to do that even if you had knowingly subscribed. Ofcom realised as early as 2012 that ‘Payforit’ transactions could be spoofed in malware, so any so called ‘proof’ of consent won’t hold up legally.
      Please make sure you put in a complaint to the regulator. If they haven’t started investigating Nuyoo by now they certainly ought to start! Thanks for letting us know of your experiences

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